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Generators in Panau
The more common version.
Sabotage Destructible Object in Just Cause 2
Total amount 400
Armament needed Melee
Value in Chaos points 250
Value in money 1250
Approximate safe distance during destruction Anywhere, even next to it.

Generators are destructible items in Just Cause 2.

Appearance and purposeEdit

They are shaped like simple boxes, painted in a combination of white and red. A generator is a machine that converts motion energy to electric energy, or it generates electricity. The motion that drives the generator can rely on many sources, for these in Just Cause 2 a combustion engine. More info and technical details can be found at the Wikipedia article. They are most likely used for backup power (notably Offshore Rigs) or powering Broadcast Towers.

Unmarked transformer station 2.1

The rarer ones can be seen at the lower left. Seen here at the Unnamed settlement at X:20820; Y:19616.

There are actually two variants:

  • The less common one has connectors on the top which are usually found at grindgear sections close to Transformers.
  • The other has no visible connectors, but instead has a small round thing on the top. This is the one usually found together with Broadcast Towers.

Most likely, these Generators are diesel or gas-powered.

See also: Electric Power in Panau.


Generators, like transformers, are distributed throughout Panau, though the former is more commonly found in military installations and are definitely more plentiful. There are 400 generators throughout Panau to be found and destroyed.


You can take these down quite easily, not even needing to expend any ammo or grenades in doing so. A few melee attacks will suffice in destroying it, however it may damage the player as well. Double-checking the destruction of a generator is advised, because the model for the undestroyed generators and destroyed generators have an uncanny similarity. The latter has a subtle, scorched color with a few cosmetic differences, making it challenging to tell destroyed and intact generators apart. Collisions damage them. Each generator will give 250 Chaos points and $1250 when destroyed. Another way to determine whether or not if they're destroyed is if the Panauan star is still displayed on it. That's probably the easiest way.

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