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Generators in Solís
JC4 generator (intact)
This version is often used as a mission objective.
There are several more types. See below.
Sabotage Destructible Object in Just Cause 4
Total amount Unknown
Armament needed Small arms fire, or just grappler
Value in Chaos points Small
Approximate safe distance during destruction A few meters

Generators in Solís are sabotage destructable objects in Just Cause 4.

See Generator (disambiguation) for any others.

They are all called "generator" in the game, so the only way to distinguish the different types is by their descriptions.

Green one with an internal combustion engineEdit

They are big green containers with yellow and black striped doors.

It the doors are grappled off, it reveals the internal red parts. These parts actually move while functioning. It has a V12 internal combustion engine at one end and an electrical generator at the other end.

The moving parts are over-simplified concepts of an internal combustion engine and a generator. The engine piston covers can be seen moving and the generator shaft is rotating. What makes it over-simplified are the facts that the piston covers shouldn't move at all and the generator parts should also have such small air gaps and spinning so fast that motion shouldn't be visible.

They're invincible to small arms fire until the striped door(s) are grappled off. The internal parts can then be either pulled out of place with grappler cables, or destroyed by any weapon.

The destruction sets off a small explosion.



Red one with an internal combustion engineEdit

The red one has an open side door and contains a simplified model of a large internal combustion engine. The engine piston covers can be seen moving. The generator is also equipped with a vertical exhaust pipe that emits smoke.


  • At many bases as a usual destructible chaos object.
  • Sometimes transported by road on a Próspero Hauler. This can appear randomly on many (or all?) roads. Strangely this one is mis-labeled as a "circuit breaker".


Large red one with large pipesEdit

This one might be a gas turbine. Its a large red generator with armored panels that make it significantly harder to destroy than other generators. When the panels of the middle shaft are removed (explosives, or grappler), it exposes two large rotating things, which despite being on the same axis are rotating in opposite directions.



Barrel-shaped turbineEdit

It's shaped like a horizontal barrel. There's a round removable (via grappler) lid at either end and some smaller pipes in the middle. Removing the lids reveals a turbine that resembles a jet engine air intake.



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