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Griphon airforce base
Settlement in Medici
Type Military airport
Region Insula Striate
Province Costa Sud
Coordinates N 40 44.420 E 5 44.560
Missions that take place here None

Griphon is a military airport in Just Cause 3.


It's a military airport built on the side of a cliff and entirely held up by high concrete columns. There are two major runways, one placed above another, and there is always constant traffic of U-7 Dravecs and CS7 Thunderhawks departing, landing and flying round the perimeter.

The in-game description says: "The lofty fortress of Griphon is one of Medici's largest military airfields. During the Cold War, Di Ravello reluctantly loaned out Griphon to his Western allies, and a contingent of NATO aircraft called the base home during the days of the Cuban Crisis."


In southern Costa Sud on the side of a cliff. The base is fairly large and the iconic design makes it easy to spot on the map.




As with every other military base in Medici, all military vehicles below become Rebellion property once the base is liberated with few exceptions.




This base is around the 11:40 timestamp

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Nerd³ Challenges! Just Cause 3

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