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Guard Towers are a type of military building in the Just Cause game series.


They are small defensive buildings that give the guard a better view of the guarded area, as well as the surrounding area in the immediate vicinity. They are used at Military Bases and other locations that need guarding.

Just Cause (1)Edit

The towers in San Esperito are all made of wood. They don't have a roof, but two of the three walls are protected by sandbags. They're all equipped with a Mounted Gun and a searchlight. There's also a usable ladder leading to the top.

For some reason the mounted gun is at a terrible location - very close to the open side of the tower. This often causes the soldier to fall out and doesn't protect the soldier from one side. The gun and searchlight should be on the opposing wall to the open side with the ladder.

As soon as the base or province is taken over by the Guerrillas, the San Esperito Military soldiers at the towers will be replaced by Guerrillas. However, the El Grande Fort and the Salt refinery will always be manned by San Esperito Police Department members.

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Just Cause 2Edit

There are two different guard towers in Panau. Some are concrete and some are wooden. There's at least one soldier in the towers of those bases, that haven't been completed yet. Sometimes the soldiers have Sniper Rifles and very rarely (in about 2 or 3 bases) a Grenade Launcher. Resource Items may sometimes be located on these towers.


They are massive concrete towers, with the Panauan state symbol on the side. On the top of the tower there's a platform, covered with a roof.

The platform which the soldier is standing on, is easily destroyed by explosives, a Minigun, or a missile. Bullets, especially Assault Rifle and Machine Gun rounds, may also destroy them with enough time. This means one must be careful when grappling to them while under enemy fire. Destroying them, does not contribute to the completion of the settlement. At most places, with a few exceptions such as the ones at Pulau Kait, the platform will respawn when getting away far enough from there and then returning to the place.

There is only one known place where faction members use those towers: at the entrance of Awan Cendawan Power Plant. Otherwise they never use these towers at their Strongholds.


The wooden towers, have 2 sets of stairs leading to the top. They have the advantage of not exploding when shot at, which is helpful since some towers have collectible items on/in them. A destroyed roof will, just like that of the concrete towers, respawns once you're at a certain distance away from it.

Locations (JC2)Edit

The wooden towers can be seen in forest / jungle areas, while the concrete ones appear in the mountains and at larger bases, that have other large concrete structures.

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Just Cause 3Edit

Medici Police Department buildings are fortified with barbed wire and sandbags on the edges of the roof and a big concrete wall around the compound. There are large high concrete guard towers as a part of the station building and its fence.

Military bases in Medici have steel frame guard towers, which can be pulled down with the Grappler.

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Just Cause 4Edit

There are several types of different guard towers in Solís.

  • Concrete towers similar to ones found in Panau.
  • Black trailer-based tower with stairs.
  • Black trailer-based tower with out stairs.
  • Possibly more types.

The trailer-based ones can not actually be town and have special blocks in front of the wheels. The ones with out stairs are taller.

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