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Guardia Litore Torto II
Guardia Litore Torto II
Settlement in Medici
Type Military outpost
Region Insula Striate
Province Litore Torto
Coordinates N 40 49.865
E 5 46.130
Missions that take place here None

Guardia Litore Torto II is a military outpost (actually a small airforce base) in Just Cause 3.


This is one of the biggest Medici Military outposts. It has two airstrips and a helipad. There are also fighter planes here, making this a second rate air force base. There are two hangars, an air traffic control tower and two other buildings.

The in-game map description states: "Medici's skies are among the safest in the world, due in no small part to airfields like Guardia Litore Torto II, which launches fighter jets, paratrooper carriers, and bombers to assist in frequent uprisings throughout Litore Torto."

Strangely, the runways are not connected to each other. Also, the hangars and some trees are so close to the runways that if anything larger than a fighter wants to land here, the plane would have to use the grass between the runways.

Guardia Grande Pastura II is also a similar second rate air force base.


On top of a mountain in the north-eastern part of Litore Torto province, near the eastern coast of Insula Striate. The mountain it is on is surrounded by a valley/cliff on all sides, but there is a road connection in the north-west.



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