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Gunung Berbahaya is a mountain in Just Cause 2.
Gunung Berbahaya

As seen from the north.


The name means "Dangerous Mountain" in Malaysian and Indonesian.

The mountain is a long, steep ridge, with two peaks, an east top and a west top. Between these two tops is a military base named Kem Kucing Belang Hitam, which might be the smallest base in the game. The eastern peak is about 1520m high, while the western peak is about 1523m high, being the highest. The mountain is one of the highest in Panau and is a strong contrast to the snowy flatlands west of the ridge, at least 1100 altitude meters below the peaks.


In the Berawan Besar Mountains. The coordinates for the eastern peak are X:21100; Y:13860. The coordinates for the western peak, the highest, are X:21060; Y:13885.


Military bases in the areaEdit



This video is for the Challenge: "Gunung Berbahaya Drop."

Just Cause 2 - Gunung Berbahaya Drop - parachute race challenge

Just Cause 2 - Gunung Berbahaya Drop - parachute race challenge

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