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Gunung Genting Tinggi is a mountain in Just Cause 2.
Gunung Genting Tinggi

Skydiving near the mountain.


The mountain is 1607 meters tall (confirmed by Parachute climbing) and is with that height the third tallest mountain in Panau, after the Snow Peak and Gunung Kedua.

The mountain is a steep ridge with cliffs found on all sides. Between it and Gunung Dataran Tinggi is a small hollow and between that and the Gunung Gila Pangkat Facility is a gorge.

The actual name of the mountain is unknown. For the purposes of this article, it was named after the nearby Lembah Genting Tinggi military base, which is located just north-west of it.


Just south-east of Lembah Genting Tinggi and south of Bukit Rendah, at X.16150; Y:8470. It should be easy to locate, by its height.

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