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Gunung Kedua is a mountain in Just Cause 2.
Gunung Kedua

The Snow Peak (Gunung Raya) can be seen to the left.


An actual name is not found in the game, but due to the mountain being the second highest in Panau and seen as the second mountain with its taller neighbor, the Snow Peak also know as Gunung Raya, the mountain is hereby named "Gunung Kedua", which means just "Second Mountain" in Indonesian and Malay


The peak is 1743 meters high.

The peak is located so close to the Snow Peak, that from far away people may think it's the same mountain. But there are several hundred meters between these peaks. These mountains have a well known profile on the southern side and can be seen from many places in southern Panau. The northern side is very steep and just like its neighbor, it's rising far above the last outpost of civilisation, Bandar Gunung Raya. Although, it's likely that a majority of people looks up on Gunung Raya instead of Gunung Kedua.

Pulau Berapi (left side)

As seen from Pulau Berapi. Gunung Kedua is the second mountain tip from the right. The slightly higher mountain just left of Gunung Kedua is Gunung Raya.

Points of interest in the areaEdit


In the Berawan Besar Mountains, just east of Gunung Raya, as said before. The peak can be spotted from a great distance. X:20670; Y:12520.

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