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Gunung Kudus, also known as The Holy Mountain, is a mountain in Just Cause 2.
Gunung Kudus

Notice the Mile High Club in the middle left of the picture.


No name is actually given to it in the game. The name is derived from nearby settlements and means "The Holy Mountain" in Malay and Indonesian. This suggests that the mountain or its villages may have sites of pilgrimage.


Gunung Kudus is 1560 meters tall. It's covered in snow, like the rest of the mountains in the area, which is not possible in real life at this low height.

Berawan Besar Mountains

View from the slopes of the mountain. Bandar Kayu Manis is seen in the middle, while the top of Gunung Hotel Ski Resort is located to the far left.


Just south-west of Kem Gunung Kudus, Berawan Besar Mountains, Tanah Raya, at: X:22300; Y:13100.

Missions in the areaEdit


  • Gunung Kudus Slackcountry
  • Holy Diver

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This video is for the Challenge: "Gunung Kudus Slackcountry."

Just Cause 2 Race Challenge Gunung Kudus Slackcountry

Just Cause 2 Race Challenge Gunung Kudus Slackcountry

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