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H-62 Quapaw
H-62 Quapaw
Vehicle in Just Cause 2
Type Transport helicopter
Weapons None
Rarity Common
List of owners Panau Military
Ular Boys
The Agency
Japanese Military
Russian Military
The following statistics are from the official strategy guide.
Top Speed 35
Acceleration 35
Armour 75
Handling 35

The H-62 Quapaw is a transport helicopter in Just Cause 2.


It resembles the Sikorsky S-64 Skycrane and the Aérospatiale SA 330 Puma. The fuselage and cabin resemble those of the Bell UH-1 Huey and the Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk.

The Quapaw has more visible seats than any other aircraft in the game. There are two in the front, which are both accessible to the player and AI. There are also two directly behind the cockpit, two across from the sliding door, and two in the far back. The seats are fully coded, but are never used outside of cutscenes.

Because of its simplistic design, it's missing some parts, such as the gearbox, which should be seen below the main rotary mechanism. The engines mounted on top of the fuselage are probably just for decoration as they don't appear to have any exhaust vents.

Like most military vehicles it spawns in desert, snow, and jungle camouflage. Factions also have versions in missions in their colors.


It's slow and heavy, but is capable of making sharp turns. Because it was programmed to be used to lift and carry large objects, it has a unique center of mass that is located below the fuselage.


It's the only helicopter that was designed to be used as an aerial crane. Using the grappling hook, the player can lift almost any vehicle in the game. This includes types of vehicles that other helicopters can't lift, such as boats, planes, and other helicopters.

It's possible to destroy nearly any destructible object by ramming it with the Quapaw. This is useful when you're low on ammo, though using this tactic on SAMs is suicidal.

Using it during high levels of heat is extremely dangerous, as military UH-10 Chippewas are serious threats to the Quapaw. Chippewas that attack the player tend to fly straight at their target, making it difficult to outfly them unless there are obstructions nearby. When the situation becomes dire, so long as the H-62 Quapaw is still in good condition the chopper can survive a head-on collision at high speeds. More damage will usually be dealt to the Chippewa, as it's a smaller helicopter.


There is more than one version of the Quapaw seen in-game.

Available colors: red, white, sand camouflage, light green, dark green, black, grey, yellow, blue, orange.

Agency versionEdit

The Agency version in the mission Welcome to Panau is unique and unobtainable. It's armed with a Mounted Gun at the side door, that is actually composed of two combined weapon models to make it seem larger. Because there's nobody flying it during the opening cutscene, it's possible that this version is equipped with an autopilot.

The large mounted gun version is not a real helicopter in the game files. It's instead only a section of the body of the helicopter. Modifying the game to get an agency version would only provide the unarmed agency helicopter as it appeared outside of cut-scenes.


Russian Military versionEdit

The Russian Military appears during the Three Kings agency mission. It's used to lift their unique SV-1003 Raider to the roof of the Three Kings Hotel. During normal gameplay, the Quapaw can't lift the Raider, so the Russian version of either vehicle must have been modified.


The Quapaw has more static spawn locations than any other aircraft.

In missionsEdit

  • A uniquely armed Quapaw is seen and used throughout the first Agency mission, Welcome to Panau. This version is unobtainable and doesn't actually exist as such, because the helicopter interior used in that cut-scene isn't a complete helicopter. It's programmed the same way as a building and doesn't extend beyond what can be seen in the close-up part of the cut-scene. All parts of the mission that expose the outside are using an average unarmed helicopter.
  • It is operated by the Black Market dealer to make vehicles and ordinance dropoffs.
  • The Roaches have at least one blue H-62 Quapaw, seen at the start of each Stronghold takeover. They give one to Rico in the mission O Panay Redentor to take the head of a Pandak "Baby" Panay Statue to one of Razak Razmans officers, but this mission takes place after their last stronghold mission, so it could be the same one.
  • The Ular Boys also have at least one yellow H-62 Quapaw, seen at the start of each stronghold takeover. The Ular Boys also use their version to pick up the cargo after Rico drives the stolen Japanese Military Fengding EC14FD2 truck to the beach on Hantu Island in the mission Stranded.
  • The Reapers have at least two red ones. One for the stronghold missions and one gets destroyed in the mission Can I get a Witness.
  • Tom Sheldon uses one to pick up Rico and Jade Tan, just in time to save them from the Panau Military submarine - U1, in the Agency mission Mountain Rescue.
  • The Russian military uses one in the mission Three Kings to lift their unique SV-1003 Raider to the top of the Three Kings Hotel. An H-62 Quapaw can't lift a usual SV-1003 Raider, so the unique Russian one is either lighter, or the Russian helicopter is more powerful.
  • Despite being very common with the Panau Military, it is rarely seen in missions.
    • One appears towards the end of Pilgrimage.
    • Two appear during The White Tiger, delivering paratroopers to the Rajang Temple. Strangely though, they do not seem to drop any paratroopers. If one observes them, no soldiers come from them.

During free roam gameplayEdit


  • It's the only transport helicopter in the game.
  • It is unknown how the Japanese Military got a hold of the Quapaw. One explanation is that it was being stored inside one of the Bering I-86DPs that crashed. In order to fit the Quapaw inside the Bering, it would have had to been disassembled. The Japanese, who would have never seen a helicopter before, would have had to figure out how to reassemble it. Another possibility is that the EMP shot it down and the Japanese salvaged it. Again the Japanese would have to have some knowledge about helicopters in order to do this so it is unlikely. Perhaps the Japanese took it from the Panau Military while raiding the mainland?
  • If the player bails out of the helicopter and quickly grapples onto it, they can get in and then fly the chopper with the red emergency lights on, though they will not flash, and the alarm won't sound as it flies. If you land and exit then re-enters the chopper, the red lights will replace the red green and white lights that are present when flying this normally. This trick is actually possible with every helicopter, but easier on the Quapaw because it is bigger and thus, easier to grapple on.
  • This is the only military helicopter that doesn't have onboard weapons, except for the first Agency mission.
  • Part of its name, "Quapaw", might be a reference to the real-world Native American tribe living in Oklahoma. Link to Wikipedia
  • It is the successor to the Jackson JC - 2 Alamo from Just Cause and the predecessor of the Urga Hrom D from Just Cause 3. Unlike those two vehicles though, this vehicle is unarmed (minus the Agency version).
  • This vehicle holds the record for most variants of a single vehicle in Just Cause 2, with seven owners.

Modifications (PC only)Edit

There are several modifications available for this helicopter.

  • Some add several different camouflage versions.
  • Some add Miniguns and missile launchers, turning it into a large attack helicopter.
  • Some improve the handling (often heavier to match the real one).
  • Some make it more powerful, so in combination with an "unbreakable Grappler cable" mod, it could lift nearly anything.


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