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Happy Bubble Blaster
Happy Bubble Blaster (close-up)
Weapon in Just Cause 2
Type Toy gun
Usage Single handed, optional Dual Wield
Maximum ammunition carried 600
Maximum ammunition in the weapon 100
Cost N/A
List of owners Unknown

The Happy Bubble Blaster is a unique easter egg / weapon in Just Cause 2.


It's a device that creates and then propels bubbles – a children's toy. As a bubble gun, it obviously causes no damage.

The Panau Military does not have as dark a sense of humor as Rico does, so you will gain Heat if it is fired at a soldier.


It does no damage and is not recommended for use in combat. In addition, like all weapons, shooting at the military will cause you to gain heat. Don't even think about engaging combat with a Colonel and his guards with this, unless you are in the mood to die in two to eight seconds.

The Bubble Blaster may also cause your other secondary weapon to gain the same amount of ammunition as the Bubble Blaster itself regardless of the magazine size.

One can hold 2 Bubble Blasters, making the ammunition 500 but not 300. The ammunition count on a single Blaster can get up to 600.

Just like the reaction you would get from firing a normal gun - firing the bubble blaster at a civilian will usually make them run off crying.


It can only be found in a desert-themed tower in the middle of a collection of blooming trees at X:4245 m; Y:25980 m. The trees around it are pink. Those same trees can also be seen in the Agency mission Into the Den. If the top of the tower is destroyed, the table that the gun was sitting on will float in the air. You can get it more than one time.


  • There's a Modification for the PC version of the game that rearms the Panau Military with Happy Bubble Blasters.
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    • DK Pistol - a similarly unique weapon in Just Cause 3. These four weapons here are not known to deal any definitive damage, unless the machete does actually deal damage.
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  • No one uses this weapon unless Rico uses it.
  • It resembles a weapon from Raze 2, a computer game developed by Sky 9 and Armorgames. Picture from that site.