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The heavy drop is a method of obtaining a vehicle in Just Cause (1), available from the PDA.
JC1 heavy drop 1

Jackson JC - 2 Alamo dropping the crate.


The heavy drop is ordered at the PDA. An Agency helicopter (Jackson JC - 2 Alamo) will fly overhead and drop a wooden box with the vehicle of your choice, chosen from a list of four. As with the extraction, the service is not available when you have Heat, or when you're in an insufficiently clear area. It doesn't work in cities and on roads, despite them both having lots of clear areas.

You can extract and order heavy drop when you have heat, but only when no one is attacking you. If you are in a secluded area, the Agency helicopter will arrive and pick you up/drop a vehicle, but will flee if an enemy helicopter approaches.

Be careful not to get hit by the box. The box will fall on top of the flare.

It's not possible to order another heavy drop if the previous vehicle is still close to you. The PDA will tell you that directly, or claim that all the choppers are busy. To workaround this, get far enough from that vehicle or destroy it. Using other Agency vehicles do not interfere with this.

The cargo helicopterEdit

After the Jackson JC - 2 Alamo has dropped the box, it will fly away faster than any helicopter is usually capable of moving. A jet fighter can keep up with it (proven at La Perdida Military base). The same helicopter moves at a normal speed after an extraction. It is also invincible, and cannot be shot down, but enemies may attack it with no prevail.

It's not possible to Hijack an Agency cargo helicopter, but if you're fast enough with the Protec Grappler G3, it is possible to parasail behind one.

If the player grapples onto the helicopter and reels in, they will die, because Rico will not enter the Stunt position.

Vehicles, in order of unlockingEdit



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