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Highest point in Medici
Rico standing on the steps of the stone monument representing Medici's highest point. Falco Maxime: Centcom can be seen to the far right.
Settlement in Medici
Type Monument
Region Insula Striate
Province Montana
Coordinates N 40 48.085
E 5 43.220

This article is about the highest land point in Just Cause 3.


The highest point of a country or any related region is the highest point of land which stretches from sea level, (0 m) to a high point above all other points meeting the just listed criteria. In the country of Medici, the highest point is a mountain peak/summit located in the province of Montana, in the region of Insula Striate.

The mountain is 3.01 km above sea level as measured by Parachute climbing.

The mountain range within Montana and the mountain holding the highest point in Medici are unnamed. 

The highest point in Medici is marked by a stone monument, partly destroyed most likely due to its age.


Arriving at the highest point in Medici will grant you one of many Just Cause 3 Achievements. This achievement is named "Top of the World". To be able to receive the achievement, you must walk up the steps on the stone monument and then onto the top of the steps to receive "Top of the World". The achievement is a reference to a similar one in Just Cause 2.



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