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Holy Smoke!
Holy Smoke!
The drug storage. Note that the corners of the temple have burning torches.
Faction Mission
Faction Ular Boys
Prerequisite Stronghold Boys with Toys
Faction Influence Level 5
Required Chaos 240,000
Location Lelaki Temple,
Senjakala Islands
X:13815; Y:30620
Chaos 5,000
Cash 10,000
Weapon Parts 1
Vehicle Parts 1

Holy Smoke! is a Ular Boys mission in Just Cause 2.


Sri Irawan asks you to defend an opium storage tank from Panau Military. The tank is at an ancient temple. There's no need to bring any weapons, because the Ulars provide everything you could need. 


You'll be provided with a unique yellow Ular branded Shimuzu Tracline. Drive it to the temple and resupply on Assault Rifle, Triggered Explosive and Fragmentation Grenades that they've left you. The attack consists of 3 waves:

Unless you're terrible at aiming, there will be no need for heavy weapons. Assuming that you've upgraded your grenades and assault rifle, you'll easily defeat them by throwing two to three grenades at each wave and finish the rest of them off with the assault rifle. But of course, feel free to use any weapons you see fit. It would be wise to use the temple walls as cover at all time.

A Tuk-Tuk Boom Boom can also be useful to players who find this mission difficult.


  • The opium tank is actually a Fuel Silo, but with several metal pieces and Ular Boys symbol attached to it.
  • This is one of the missions that you could easily get the 'Killing Frenzy' achievement for 20 kills in 60 seconds.
  • The opium silo will disappear when you'll reload the game after saving, or if you go too far away from it after the mission.
  • The Ular Boys branded Shimuzu Tracline is the only one that has faction symbols.
  • This is one of the few missions where a URGA-9380 is featured, let alone with a mounted gun.
  • For some odd reason, all of the soldiers are wielding Submachine Guns. Even elites. Even stranger is that they seem to have very little pain resistance (they can easily be killed in a few shots even with a level 1 Submachine Gun).



Just Cause 2 Faction Missions Ular Boys Holy Smoke!

Just Cause 2 Faction Missions Ular Boys Holy Smoke!

Protection on foot.

Holy Smoke! - Hardcore - Just Cause 2

Holy Smoke! - Hardcore - Just Cause 2

Protect via air.

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