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Huerta Mesa
Huerta Mesa
At the northern edge of Esperito City.
Vehicle in Just Cause
Type Sports utility vehicle
Weapons None
Rarity Police - common
Military - very rare
List of owners San Esperito Police Department
San Esperito Military

The Huerta Mesa is a vehicle in Just Cause (1).


It's a four-wheel drive SUV, used by the police and rarely by the military. Like most vehicles in San Esperito, it has 2 seats, but Rico can never have a passenger, because of Game limits.

Special features:

  • As any other police vehicle, it has a siren.
  • It has big bumpers at the front, sides and rear, for ramming.
  • There's a frame in the cargo compartment, which splits the compartment in two.
  • There's no rear window.

It resembles a real world modern Toyota Land Cruiser and bears a slight resemblance to the Land Rover Freelander.

Versions and locationsEdit

Owner Color Locations
San Esperito Police Department Blue
  • Spawns in traffic all over San Esperito, unless you're in a city.
  • Shows up when you have government Heat.
San Esperito Military Gray
  • Most likely to appear in a government owned military base at high Heat.
  • Can uncommonly spawn anywhere in San Esperito except cities when you have Level 5 government Heat.
  • Appears during the mission Some Enchanted Evening, when you have killed Luis and Tomaso and you are fleeing to the new safehouse.


It's quite good off-road, but the small turning circle makes it bad on a road at high speed.


  • There's no civilized way to transport prisoners in the vehicle because the lack of a rear window would allow them to escape from the rear half of the cargo compartment and there's no extra wall between the drivers seat and the front half of the cargo compartment, so the prisoner would have to be tied up or held at gunpoint the whole time.
  • Mesa is Spanish for table.
  • One of the Just Cause 2 loading images shows two large 4-door Panau Police Department SUVs. The front end resembles the Huerta Mesa.
  • It can arguably be the most common San Esperito Police Department vehicle, other than the Apache Army Model 842 since you can find one (literally) everywhere, even in provinces liberated by the Ejertico Revolucionario de Liberación (or more commonly known as the Guerillas). Of course, they will attack them at sight.
  • The Wilforce type jeeps (Trekstar, Range X, Trek II) take its place in Just Cause 2, although the open top versions are much more common.
  • Like many other government vehicles in Just Cause 1, some of the decals are inverted.
  • If you kill the driver while the lights and sirens are on, the sirens will go silent but the lights will stay on. You can then get in the vehicle and drive it without the sirens on. This works for every vehicle in Just Cause 1 equipped with a siren.
  • "Huerta Mesa" may translate from Spanish into "Orchard Table."
  • It's made by Huerta.


San Esperito Police Department versionEdit

San Esperito Military versionEdit


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