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Huerta SPA Ocelot
Near Mount Teleno and Mount Gabriel.
Vehicle in Just Cause
Type Small passenger / reconnaissance plane
Weapons None
Rarity Pretty common
List of owners Civilians
San Esperito Military

The Huerta SPA Ocelot is a small passenger plane in Just Cause (1).


It can be found at most airports, such as the one in Provincia Aguilar. It is a single-engine high wing general-aviation type aircraft, taking a very similar appearance to the Cessna 177 Cardinal. Like the real-world inspiration, the plane has no weapons. Although it has 2 seats, you can never have a passenger. Behind the front seats is a platform which could be used as seats or to store cargo. The stunt position for this vehicle is on top of the wing, above the passenger cabin.

Versions and locationsEdit

Although this is mainly a civilian aircraft, it has been spotted to be serving factions as well. These versions are never seen in use and can be seen at civilian airfields.

  • Two belong to the San Esperito Military with the standard white and gray paint, along with the government logo on the wings. These would most likely be used as training aircraft.
  • One belongs to the Guerrillas, who have one of these planes painted in a white and green combination with the Guerrilla logo on the wings.

Both of them can be assumed to be meant for only reconnaissance purposes, as they are still unarmed.

There's also a broken (crashed) version of this plane, which usually has a collectable item next to it and a more rugged doorless and windowless civilian version. See also Vehicle wrecks.

Owner Color Locations
Civilian Random colors. Always a 2 color combination.
  • Is provided for an air-race.
  • Is parked at a lot of little civilian airfields.
  • At a civilian airfield, directly west of Esperito City.
  • Can be seen flying above random areas and in random directions.
Civilian (unique version with out any doors or windows). Random colors. Always a 2 color combination.
Civilian with tanks for spraying crops. See also: Rare vehicles. Blue and white.
San Esperito Military Combination of gray and white.
Guerrillas Combination of green and white.
Un-known - Broken (crashed) version. Dark brown (rusty).
  • At the gate of the "El Regalo" cartel villa, south-east of Esperito City.
  • At several beaches.
  • At several forests.
  • In the vicinity of at least one more cartel villa.
  • During Broadcast News, there is a black dot on the screen. If you go there, you will find one along with three timed explosives. Probably for blowing up the the broadcast antenna.



Guerrilla versionEdit

Civilian with out doorsEdit

San Esperito Military versionEdit

Usual Civilian versionEdit

Crop spraying versionEdit



This video shows the plane from the civilian airfield on Provincia de la Cruz.

(HD) Huerta SPA Ocelot - Just Cause 1

(HD) Huerta SPA Ocelot - Just Cause 1

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