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Operation Illapa (Illapa main tower in the beginning).png
Settlement in Solís
Type Weather research base
Headquarters of Project Illapa
Speculated Black Hand HQ (alongside Base Aérea Yanacagua)
Region Qachas
Missions that take place here Operation Whiteout
Operation Illapa

Illapa is a location in Just Cause 4.

This base is a part of Project Illapa.


The base is protected by 3 "defense nodes" (Nodo Defensivo Uno, Dos and Tres) and a thunderstorm-blizzard hybrid. There is a runway on the base and a few military aircraft that you can use. The base consists of four high towers and a few levels under it, one of them having the runway. Parts of the base are under ground, inside the mountain. Troops and staff stationed at the base might live there, judging by pumps located near Illapa and the distance from nearby settlements. The constant lightning, however, would be extremely unhealthy to those outdoors.

The central tower is a futuristic grey structure with some yellow areas and a blue ball on the top. It is constructed mostly out of metal (presumably steel), with some concrete bits. The building is filled with blast doors and reinforced windows, but few of these are functional.

There is a constant lightning storm around the base until the final mission, Operation Illapa. The lightning in the base is powerful enough to critically damage any destructible object. If the player attempts to enter the base (with or without the protection of being inside an armored vehicle), chances are they will die very, very soon. If inside a heavily armored vehicle, one may be able to survive a single strike of lightning (though barely), but a second strike is guaranteed to destroy it. Two hits from the lightning will destroy any vehicle, even very heavy vehicles like the Conquistador Warship or SkyCastle Cargo Jet. See lightning storm for more about this.

The "defense nodes" have a sophisticated (rocket?) artillery system that bombards every hostile in the base.

This combined with the lighting renders the base practically inapproachable before the completion of said mission.

Once Operation Illapa is complete, pass through the ring underneath the airfield in a Spectre Attack Heli to "complete" this place.

As the headquarters of Oscar Espinosa and Project Illapa, this is speculated to be a possible HQ for the Black Hand (stationed in Solis), as their purpose in Solís (besides upholding the nation, regime, and suppressing resistance) is to protect Project Illapa.


In the middle of Solís, in the Qachas region.

The base is on the steep mountains and its tower main tower is the highest point in the game. Some of the towers get blown up during missions, but the main tower with Oscar Espinosa's office will continue to stand.

The Highest point in Solís (required for an achievement) is the highest natural point in Solís, located immediately next to the Illapa main tower. The mountain is lower than the top of the tower.

Mission appearances


  • Outside of Operation Illapa, Oscar's office is apparently inaccessible, but reportedly, it is possible to get in there by exploiting a minor glitch. Details may need improvement, but reportedly it works as flying a plane into the tower, but bailing out at the last possible moment. The same method can apparently also be used to clip ones way through any other solid surface.
    • Note that this is not the same place where Rico fights the last stand of the Black Hand in the area with the two double doors. That place is still very much accessible (albeit difficult before Operation Illapa.)
  • The player sometimes spawns here when starting up the game, on a platform about two-thirds of the way up the structure. This platform is a bit buggy, because vehicles on it appear to be floating.