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Incendiario Monster Truck
Jc3 Incendiario Monster Truck
Vehicle in Just Cause 3
Type Monster truck
Weapons None
Rarity Races and award only
List of owners Rico
Top speed (km/h) 155
Top speed (mph) 96.3

The Incendiario Monster Truck is a sports and off-road vehicle in Just Cause 3.


It is a standard "monster truck" with a Stria Toro pickup body. It has big vertical exhaust pipes, like large American trucks.

The Rebel drop description states: "Why sit in traffic when you can roll over it? The beastly Incendiario monster truck turns sports cars into speed bumps. I wonder what the 'S.N.T' stands for?"

It's similar to The Vampire, which also has several relatively small logos on it, there's a large flame graphic with the Medician language word "Incendiario" on the side and an "S.N.T" logo on the rear.


Very good traction and handling. Easy to control off road and great for climbing mountains. Its only downfall is its excessively wide body, which can get in the way sometimes.

The center of mass is programmed as being so low that it must be at least 10 meters under ground. As a result, as long as the wheels maintain contact with the ground, it will absolutely never roll over. Driving off a cliff, it is possible to roll it, but it'll quickly get back on its wheels.

Strangely this vehicle is not amphibious, despite real monster trucks (and monster trucks in JC1 and JC2) being Amphibious vehicles. Instead, it will sink like any usual car. However, in JC3 any car will float as long as it has enough speed.



  • See Monster truck (disambiguation) for the other monster trucks.
  • 'Incendiario' translates from Italian to 'Incendiary'.
  • If you don't feel like spending a beacon for the truck, you can get it for free if you quit any Scrapyard Challenge found around Medici after getting in.
  • The engine sounds remarkably similar if not the same as the engine from the Snakehead T20 from Just Cause 2.


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