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Inflatable liferaft
JC3 deployed liferaft
At Grotta Contrabandero.
Vehicle in Just Cause 3
Type Inflatable liferaft
Weapons None
Rarity Rare
List of owners Unknown
Top speed (km/h) Complicated, see below
Top speed (mph) Complicated, see below

The Inflatable liferaft (actual name unknown) is a vehicle in Just Cause 3.


It's a yellow infaltable raft normally stored in a white barrel. The white barrels are in pairs, connected to rusty steel frames. If the barrel is Grappled to the ground, it explodes open and a raft pops out.

This type of rafts are in reality very common on all modern passenger ships. The barrel/canister explodes open using compressed air. More info about real ones at Wikipedia.


There's no engine, but if the player should jump into one and run, then the raft will move forward at about walking pace. It's also possible to move and turn if you can put a car into the raft and drive. The car must be small enough to fit into the raft, so the car wouldn't go over the edge.


At multiple coastal settlements.

  • Many at Grotta Contrabandero.
  • At a few coastal towns.
  • At a dock in the Litore Torto lake.
  • At the crashed mile high club.
  • One deployed raft is at the stranded guy at the north-west corner of the map.
  • At the sunken aircraft carrier next to Stingray, but these do not seem to be usable.


  • These life rafts could be a reference to Stranded Deep, as in that game you used to be able to run in the lifeboat as a form of propulsion.


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