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Information Highway
Information Highway.jpg
Faction Mission
Faction Roaches
Prerequisite Stronghold Paradise Valley
Faction Influence Level 5
Required Chaos 240'000
Location X:17696; Y:26024
Chaos 5'000
Cash 10'000
Weapon Parts 1
Vehicle Parts 1

Information Highway is a Roaches faction mission in Just Cause 2.


Rico starts the mission by a phone booth opposite a gas station. Razak Razman tells you the police anti-gang task force is planning something big, and wants you to download some "intelligence" off of an officer transporting the orders. You start out with a motorbike and a box of Submachine Gun ammunition. In order to complete this mission, you have to hijack the vehicle the target is in, but there are two other military vehicles protecting the convoy, one with a Mounted Gun.


Jump on the supplied bike and approach the convoy but be aware that the bike is classed as 'an enemy color' so soldiers will shoot you on sight. Jump onto the first vehicle and place some Triggered Explosives, or shoot the occupants and then hijack it. Once the first car has been dealt with, Grapple onto the target car and kill the occupants. Then grapple the target who's shooting at you with the mounted gun. After grappling him out, chase up to the primary target vehicle. Kill all the armed passengers and hijack it. When this is done, simply drive away while the download is underway. As long as the vehicle isn't destroyed and you download the intelligence, the mission will be a success.


  • It's not necessary to deal with both convoy protection vehicles. The last vehicle will be a nuisance but will not inflict substantial damage to destroy your target's vehicle. Hijack the car by pressing the indicated buttons and then drive anywhere you want whilst the download is taking place, ensure that the vehicle does not get destroyed before the download has been completed otherwise the mission will be a failure.
  • If you're having trouble with possible Panau Military reinforcements, then drive off road. They won't send anyone far off road and few if any of them can chase you there.


  • The "officer" uses the character model of a Colonel's bodyguard, but he carries a Pistol, oddly.
  • If you bring the officer to any faction base, the soldiers will not fire on him. It's not known if this is a glitch or an intentional development code.




Just Cause 2 - Faction Mission - Information Highway

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