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Isla Alegre
Crashed plane
A crashed Huerta SPA Ocelot on the island, near a collectable item.
Province in San Esperito
Destabilized by Field of Dreams
Location in country North-west corner

Isla Alegre is a province in Just Cause (1).


The island is dominated by steep jungle-covered mountains. The only way to get to this island by car is a bridge connected to the Los Hidalgos province. There's a crashed Huerta SPA Ocelot on the island, near a Black Box collectable item.

The Just Cause Demo takes place here, but the island has been redesigned for the full game. Differences in the demo version:

  • The demo has more roads.
  • Settlements differ.
    • In the demo there are two military bases here. One base is unmarked.
    • In the demo there's a town on the north-west coast.
  • The demo calls this place "Guanchiata Island".
  • In the demo, this island has one of the San Esperito towers, near the airfield.
  • In the demo there's a system of suspended cables on the hills. It's not known what these are supposed to be, but they're not in the full game. Possibly Cable cars, or high-voltage power lines. See the gallery at Just Cause Demo.

The name translates to "Perky Island".

Settlements and  (if there are any)points of interestEdit


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