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Isla Dominio
Isla Dominio revealed
Picture taken from a Delta MAH-15 Chimaera.
Province in San Esperito
Destabilized by Taking Out The Garbage
Location in country South-east corner

Isla Dominio is an island and a province in Just Cause (1).

Special relevanceEdit

This island-province is the location of the president's palace and is where half of the mission "Taking Out The Garbage" takes place.

President's palaceEdit

The president's palace is a large inaccessible building in the middle of the island. This is where General Salvador Mendoza led the country.


Military airfieldEdit

There is a military airfield at the south-east part of the island. It has:

  • 2x McKenzie-Fergusson F2 Victor fighter planes, both with light gray bottom sides and a pattern of different dark grays on the top side.
  • 1 indestructible Water Tower.
  • 1 helicopter landing pad.
  • 3 empty garages.
  • A row of radio antennas, shaped like the letter E, but rotated 90° clockwise.

Mendoza's houseEdit

Salvador Mendoza's house is located on the south-west side of the mountain. It's inaccessible and it's located on the side of a cliff. Oddly enough, the stairways surrounding various parts of it seem way too small to be actual stairs, some of them being only big enough to walk through in a certain way very slowly.

Missile silosEdit

There's a nuclear missile launcher on the northern side of the mountain. The missiles are featured during the mission "Taking Out The Garbage."

See also: Nuclear missiles.

Guerrilla safehouseEdit

There's a safehouse on the Guerrilla PDA map, that appears to be located about 200 m south of the airfield (above the sea). The icon for this safehouse will always look a little transparent, like the icons for locked safehouses.

See main article: Just Cause Safehouses.



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