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Jackson JC - 2 Alamo
Jackson JC - 2 Alamo, Agency and military versions.
The Agency and San Esperito Military versions.
Vehicle in Just Cause
Type Armed cargo helicopter
Weapons Machine guns
Rarity Rare, but the Agency one shows up when called
List of owners San Esperito Military
The Agency
Black Hand
Unmarked version

The Jackson JC - 2 Alamo is a transport helicopter in Just Cause (1).


It's the largest helicopter in the Just Cause game series and appears to be based on the real life American transport helicopter Sikorsky CH-53 Sea Stallion.

It has 3 visible seats. You can never have a passenger, however, Rico is a passenger during the "extractions" and the "Heavy drop" would realistically require the use of more crewmen than just the pilot.

The landing gear assembly seems odd. The frontal ones are very close to each other, which would be not very desirable during landings. A thing to denote is that it's unusually arranged in sets of three wheels. The frontal ones are turned, with the left one with two wheels at the front and the right one with only one. Video about this (see at 3:15).

It's made by the fictional Jackson company.


It's very slow, the slowest flying machine in the game.

Its performance is different during the heavy drop. Right after dropping the box, it accelerates away at an impressive speed, faster than any other helicopter. It's unknown if a jet fighter could keep up with it.

The Agency version is indestructible (except for the windows) and completely immune to all weapons. Depending on your Heat and vicinity to Military bases in San Esperito, you may see it attacked by SAMs and military helicopters. It doesn't even take damage after crashing into water, or upside down into the ground, both of which can only be seen if the player Hijacks it. See below for how to hijack it.

Versions and locationsEdit

All versions are armed with machine-guns. The Agency ones never use their weapons, even when the military attacks them.

Owner Color Weapons Locations
San Esperito Military Gray Machine-guns
  • Caballeros military base.
  • Costa Brava military base.
  • Costa Verde military base.
  • During the mission Some Like it Hotter.
  • Commonly appears during government Heat while in an enemy controlled military base. Rarely, can attack the player outside of a base.
  • Appears during a Guerrilla sidemission.
Black Hand Black Machine-guns
  • Appears in some sidemissions as a government helicopter that has to be shot down.
  • Appears during a government heat level and tries to kill Rico.
Agency Black Machine-guns

Unknown - unmarked.
Possibly guerrilla.

Brown Machine-guns

Agency versionEdit

The Agency has at least two of them. One can see two of them when getting a Heavy drop right after being extracted. It's not possible to get two heavy drops in immediate succession (as long as you're still near the first vehicle you ordered), instead the PDA will tell you that "all the Agency helicopters are busy".

The Agency version is indestructible, but Rico can still be killed by missiles, just not the explosion of the helicopter. Do not leave the Agency helicopter alone during a settlement Liberation, as an enemy could get in and kill you without you being able to take it down.

When the pilot is kicked out during the hijacking of this version, he doesn't die. He is the person that can survive such a fall from a great height.

Ways to obtain the Agency version:

  • The Agency version can be hijacked by first obtaining a fast helicopter, like a Delta MAH-15 Chimaera. It spawns at several Military bases in San Esperito and Just Cause Safehouses. Then get a Heavy drop from the PDA. Then when the helicopter flies over, get in the Delta MAH-15 Chimaera and follow it out to shallow waters. You then have to keep nudging the tail of the Jackson JC - 2 Alamo until it flips into the sea. The pilot will then jump out and in some cases the helicopter will float onto a nearby beach, flip over and then be enterable.
  • Get yourself a helicopter, or plane. Get a heavy drop to make the Jackson JC - 2 Alamo show up. Then use your chosen aircraft fly higher than the Agency helicopter and Parachute your way to it. You must land on the platform on its side. It should be possible to Hijack it from there.
  • Call an Extraction (whatever cancelling it or accepting). Then use the Grappler on it and while parasailing try to rise above helicopter. And now land on the platform on its side or on its roof (unlike other helicopters, its rotors are harmless to Rico).


Main article: Just Cause Bugs and glitches.

Like all JC1 vehicles, it casts an incorrectly shaped shadow. Only the wheels, the rear propeller and Rico will leave a shadow.


  • It's not possible to do the stunt position on the Agency variant, even after player has stolen it. "Deploy parachute" option is displayed instead (when enough speed is gained to do so). Also "Jump to vehicle" option does not show up while using stunt position on other vehicle near the Agency chopper and while paragliding near the helicopter. This is supposed to prevent player from hijacking the heicopter. Although "Use vehicle" option still allows Rico to fly it.
  • So far, it's the largest helicopter in the Just Cause game series.
  • The Urga Hrom D in Just Cause 3 is based on the Sikorsky CH-53E Super Stallion, meaning a successor to the Alamo. Those helicopters are wider and have large orange external fuel tanks on the sides.


The Agency versionEdit

San Esperito Military versionEdit

Unmarked versionEdit


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