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Jackson Z-19 Skreemer
Casino side
At the CASINO.
Vehicle in Just Cause
Type Medium attack helicopter
Weapons Missiles and machine guns
Rarity Rare in early game, but appears at safehouses later
List of owners San Esperito Military
Rioja Cartel
Montano Cartel
Black Hand
San Esperito Police Department

The Jackson Z-19 Skreemer is one of the 4 attack helicopters in Just Cause (1).


The wheels are poorly arranged, so the helicopter easily falls onto its side when on uneven ground.

It has 2 seats, but you can never have a passenger. The pilot sits in the front seat.

It's obviously based on the American attack helicopter Boeing AH-64 Apache, but with a different combination of weapons and cockpit.

It's made by the fictional Jackson company.


It's faster than civilian and police helicopters and about average in comparison to military helicopters. It has good maneuverability and takes off quickly as well.

The windows often break when attacked by a police helicopter, but the Skreemer is the only helicopter that can survive a direct missile hit, not counting the invincible agency chopper. It will explode if hit by a second missile. Very rarely, the game may bug and the chopper takes multiple missiles before it catches fire.

All versions are armed with missiles that fire one at a time and machine-guns. Those missiles also reload quite fast.

The improved survivability and well rounded performance makes it a decent pick for many situations.

Versions and locationsEdit

Owner Color Locations
San Esperito Military Gray
  • Costa Verde military camp.
  • El Crucero air base.
  • La Perdida military base.
  • Las Crucitas military camp.
  • Appears during a high government Heat level and trys to kill Rico. Black Hand Delta MAH-15 Chimaeras take over their role later on in the game.
  • Appears during some "liberation" sidemissions.
  • Appears in a Guerilla sidemission as a helicopter that has been "a pest for some time and Caramicas wants you to swat (destroy) that bug out of the sky".
Black Hand Black
  • Appears during some side-missions.
  • Patrols around Isla Dominio.
Guerrillas Green
  • Is provided during some Guerrilla sidemissions.
  • Is provided during some Rioja sidemissions.
  • Appears during some "liberation" sidemissions.
  • During the last mission "Taking Out The Garbage Vol. 1", during the part where you have to get out of the Agency helicopter, a few can be seen over the water attacking either Montano Cartel boats or government boats. See the mission article or more details.
Unmarked Brown
Rioja Cartel Yellowish
Montano Cartel Purple
  • Appears during some Rioja sidemissions as a helicopter that needs to be destroyed.
San Esperito Police Department Blueish
  • Appears in a Guerilla sidemission as a helicopter that needs to be shot down.


Main article: Just Cause Bugs and glitches.

See alsoEdit

There are 3 more types of attack helicopters in Just Cause:


San Esperito Police Department versionEdit

Guerrilla version in sidemissionsEdit

Guerrilla version at safehousesEdit

Black Hand versionEdit

San Esperito Military versionEdit

Rioja Cartel versionEdit



this video shows the "Black Hand" version of this attack helicopter

(HD) Jackson Z 19 Skreemer - Just Cause 1-0

(HD) Jackson Z 19 Skreemer - Just Cause 1-0

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