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Javi Huerta
As seen for the first time, in a trailer.
Character in Just Cause 4
First appearance The Secret History of Solís
Faction Civilian
Job Archaeologist / "Backer"
Last known status Alive

Javi Huerta is a character in Just Cause 4.

Personal infoEdit

He has tattoos covering his arms and he wears glasses.


He occasionally reveals parts of his backstory when talking to Rico when Rico completes tombs.

When he was younger, he worked for the Espinosa regime to help them cover up some facts about the Otorongo-era. Later he was in prison for 9 years, where he met the people who now work with him. He was put to prison after Simón Valencia ratted him out to the Black Hand about stealing some Otorongo artifact.

He's an archaeologist, who teams up with Rico at Solís. It is likely that the government doesn't know about his work, because he is obviously working against the regime and promises to help discredit the Espinosas.
Javi holds a figure of Otorongo

Holds a figure of Otorongo.

He is also a "backer" (a new term not previously used in this franchise), which is explained to be a type of "quest giver". This means that the player gets some missions from him.

Completing his missions unlocks retractor upgrades for the Grappler. In the grappler menu it says "Help uncover the hidden history by exploring ruins and assisting his crew".

He is featured again in the Los Demonios DLC where he contacts Rico to get involved.

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