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José Caramicas
José Caramicas-
During the prison escape. Better picture needed.
Character in Just Cause
First appearance Breakout
Faction Ejértico Revolucionario de Liberación
Job Faction leader
Last known status Live and well

José Caramicas is a character in Just Cause (1).

Personal infoEdit

He has a sister, Esperanza Caramicas.

Maria Kane thinks he's "a real hombre".


José Caramicas is the leader of the Guerrillas in San Esperito.

Before the events of the game, he was captured by the government forces; tried in court and found to be guilty of all charges. His sister, Esperanza Caramicas, being the only family member present at the hearing, broke down in tears. According to Esperanza, the trial was unfair. He was sentenced to possible life imprisonment at the governments El Grande Fort Penal Institution. He was transported under armed guard to El Grande on the morning of Thursday, April 20, 2006.

After an unknown amount of days imprisonment, he is freed from El Grande Fort prison by Rico Rodriguez, in the mission Breakout. He then enlists Rico in the guerrilla army. José is seen again during the mission Broadcast News, delivering a speech to the people via a broadcast antenna about them rising up against the "oppressor" Salvador Mendoza. After that, he is never seen again, although it can be guaranteed he is live and well.

There's lots of government propaganda posters on many town walls. In guerrilla controlled settlements those posters have been vandalized to show support for his revolution effort.