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This article is about all the weapons in Just Cause 2. For any other kind of weapons see weapons - disambiguation.

The weapons, featured in the DLC "Boom Pack". Strangely the Quad Rocket Launcher is backwards.


One of the loading images shows an AK-47, a weapon that doesn't exist in the game.

There are at least 23 different weapons in Just Cause 2, varying from small arms to assault rifles and heavy weaponry. Each weapon has different stats, such as magazine size, damage, accuracy, and rate of fire. All handheld weapons, except Happy Bubble Blaster, rapid-firing rocket launcher used by Pandak Panay and DLC weapons, can be found in crates across the entire Map and on Panauan soldiers. Portable miniguns can often be found on military bases. DLC weapons can only be bought from the Black Market.

Differences from the weapons in JC1

Unlike Just Cause (1), no weapon in Just Cause 2 have manufacturer or model names and are simply named as weapon types. For example, in Just Cause (1), there were two assault rifles, the Adler FF M-72 and Haswell Gen2 Vindicator. The manufacturers were Adler and Haswell and the models were FF M-72 and Gen2 Vindicator. In Just Cause 2, there are two assault rifles. One is simply named "Assault Rifle", which is based on the M4 assault rifle. The Bull's Eye Assault Rifle also doesn't have manufacturer and model names and "Bull's eye" may be just a nickname.

This difference means the weapons in Just Cause 2 are simpler and easier to talk about and understand. It also means that there are fewer kinds of weapons available. There are 10 standard weapons in Just Cause 2 to the 18 in Just Cause (1), although with the addition of DLC, there are 2 more types of rocket launchers, another type of grenade launcher, another type of assault rifle, another type of revolver and an uncertain class of weapon, matching the 18 from the first game and also providing a greater variety.

Weapons can also now be called in via heavy drop and can be upgraded via the Black Market.

List of weapons

These weapons are all usable weapons in a standard game. The prices are for a single delivery from the black market. Weapons without prices are not able to be delivered from the Black Market.

Downloadable content weapons

Available as DLC. They cannot be found anywhere in Panau and must be acquired through the Black Market. The prices below are for the Black Market. See the Downloadable content for Just Cause 2 article for the last known prices in real money.

Pre Order (by now DLC):

"Aerial Pack":

"Boom Pack":

Special weapons

There are several more "weapons" in Just Cause 2 that cannot be used by the player.

  • Masayo Washio's missile system - An infinite battery of satellite controlled missiles that Rico cannot use. Only appears in the mission Three Kings.
  • Explosives around Alexander Mirkov's SV-1003 Raider - Some kind of proximity mine that detonates if Rico gets too close.
  • "Anti-aircraft cannons" - Three large automated cannons at Wajah Ramah Fortress. Outside of Into the Den, are otherwise indestructible and uncontrollable by the player.
  • Rapid-fire rocket launcher - Only in the mission "A Just Cause" used by Pandak Panay.
  • U1 armament - Can't be used by the player.
  • SAMs in Panau.

Unused weapons

Main article: Cut game content from Just Cause 2.

  • There is some kind of green triggered explosive in the weapons section of a beta Black Market screen. It's not known what its purpose is.
  • One of the loading screens shows a Panauan grunt in front of a Propaganda Trailer, holding what looks like an AK-47. This rifle doesn't appear in the game.


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