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Bugs and glitches are problems with the game's programming that result in errors, crashes, omissions and/or unexpected behavior. Most cause problems during play, some can be used to exploit and gain an advantage in the game, or to just have some fun.

See also: Bugs and glitches disambiguation.


Common info about the article

All glitches should be marked with the game platform tags:  PC  ,  PS4  ,  Xbox One  , or  All Platforms  .

Just Cause 3 already has several patches (see Just Cause 3 Patch history), but not everything is fixed yet. See the patches article for more info about the patches and what they fix.

Several issues below have been resolved. Things are marked as "resolved" if they have at least one confirmed solution. Things are marked as "semi-resolved" if a solution works in only some cases, or if the problem keeps reappearing.

Keep in mind that everyone will not necessarily encounter each of these. Some of them are rare and may be difficult to reproduce.

Driving while holding the horn

 PC   Apparently, while honking the horn in a car, it's not possible to turn left.

Mouse/camera sensitivity

 PC   Mouse/camera sensitivity slider in game settings seems to only affect the Y axis. The horizontal camera control speed is always the default. There's no known fix at this time, so to avoid inconveniencing yourself, it's advised to keep it at or near default, which is at maximum.

This was reported before patch v1.02 came out, so it will need confirmation after the patch is installed.

Loading time, framerate issues, game freeze [semi-resolved]

 All Platforms   The game has been reported to experience performance issues. On the console version, if the game freezes, turn the game off and on again. Hard reboots also work.

Several of the patches have improved performance.

It has been reported that apparently, this is still a problem for some.

Motion blur on/off

 PC   Even if the motion blur is set to "off", the edges of the screen become a little blurry while Grappling.

This is likely normal game behaviour.

Exiting a car will teleport Rico about 1 km straight up


If a car door is partially obstructed while exiting the car, Rico will get teleported about 1 km straight up.

It has been reported as of 06/01/17 that this glitch is resolved, but how?

This was reported before patch v1.02 came out, so it will need confirmation after the patch is installed.

Custom controls vs. default controls [resolved]

 PC   In some missions and on the lower edges of some loading screens, the game tells the player what button to press to do something, like at the end of the mission Time For An Upgrade asks the player to open the in-game menu and look at the map.

If the player has customized the controls and not restarted the game, then the game will still tell the player to use the default button, but really the custom one will already function.

This was reported before patch v1.02 came out, so it will need confirmation after the patch is installed.

No Crossfire/SLI support

 PC   This isn't really a glitch, it's just the way the game is made, but it's useful info for anyone with a multi-GPU PC.

This was reported before patch v1.02 came out, so it will need confirmation after the patch is installed.

Minor map errors

 PC    PS4  

The patch (v1.01) is reported to have fixed a lot of these on PC, but there's still a few minor problems. v1.05 has not fixed any on the PS4.

The glitched street light at Burgoletto. Also notice the unique Speaker system.

  • There's a small patch of non-solid stone floor near the stairs of the southern bastion at Albeto Pero.
  • There's a ruined town very close to the southern tip of Umbra, which has at least one building that floats about 1.5 meters off the ground at one corner and a couple of piles of gravel that also float. This problem is present at multiple sets of ruins north of the wall. In most cases the buildings are maybe only 10 cm in the air.
  • The most northern island of Massos has 4 tunnels. Most (if not all) other tunnels of that size (of which there are multiple in Insula Dracon) cause vehicle engine noise to be echoed in a specific way. Those 4 tunnels do not have any echo.
  • Go to the Citate Di Ravello police station and find the weapons cabinet near one of the northern gates. There's a floating non-solid sign near it that says "Periculo! Personal non autorisate interdicto".
  • There sometimes is a car parked through a wall near the Citate Di Ravello garage, at N 40 44.340 E 5 38.540. It will sometimes explode on its own.
  • Sancte Antonio, at Arco Sperantia, has a floating street light, near the other street lights at the road entrance.
  • The Plagia ruins off the coast of Insula Fonte have a single floating bush.
  • The town of Burgoletto has a floating street light near the unique Speaker.
  • The ruins north-east of Sancte Cintia, at Olivo Moro, have floating rocks.

Hellbent Chair

 PS4    PC  

Around half of the white plastic chairs found around Medici will be indestructible and will have a center of gravity around 10 meters below the ground. Because of this, they will always stand up.

This is likely normal game behaviour. In fact, putting the center of gravity well below ground is very common for many things in different video games. Vehicles normally have this to compensate for the games laws of physics being less than perfect and to keep the players "having fun". For example, the Incendiario Monster Truck will never flip over thanks to this solution.

Not completely OK to minimize [semi-resolved]

 PC   This isn't really much of a glitch, since many games will completely crash when the user tries to minimize the game, but if JC3 is forced to minimize (by [Ctrl]+[Alt]+[Delete] for example) then this can cause the game to switch from full screen to windowed mode and off-set the mouse pointer a little in the game menu screen. Even if at times it does maximize correctly, the game seems to take a performance hit.

This can be fixed by simultaneously pressing [Alt]+[Enter] on the keyboard. This may need to be done a couple of times, depending on circumstances.

Difficult to get accurate co-ordinates? [resolved]


The console versions of the game have a large "+" on the game map, but the PC version lacks that. The only way to see accurate co-ordinates for something is to go there and then switch to the map. By default, the co-ordinates (shown on the lower edge of the map) refer to Ricos current location. Moving the map will off-set the co-ordinates.

Clicking on the map should reset the co-ordinates to that exact spot.

Direct3D Error Code:38

 PC   Wingsuiting, or driving/flying too fast can cause the game to crash. The screen suddenly goes black and a windows (W7) error message pops up.

"Direct3D Error
A fatal error occurred in the graphics driver.
Result: 'Device Removed, Reason: DXGI_ERROR-DEVICE_HUNG: Graphics device stopped responding. There might be an infinite loop in a GPU program.'
Just Cause 3 will now exit.
Any unsaved data will be lost.

It's advised to update the video card driver. If that doesn't help, there's no known fix. It might also be caused by using an older version of Windows 7.

Clipped Wingsuit [semi-resolved]

 Xbox One    PS4   This can happen after at least 48 hours of continuous gameplay (the console with the game left on over night). The Wingsuit can become impossible to gain altitude in, as if Rico had suddenly put on a few hundred pounds.

This can also happen when using the parachute and grappling hook as well as the grappling hook and wingsuit combination, it seems as if Rico is flying up a cliff when the ground is actually level.

Currently the only known solution is to turn the game off and then on again.

Planes won't go faster than 34 km/h while on the ground


As reported, planes might not be able to go any faster than 34 km/h, until they lose contact with the ground. Then they start handling normally.

Under the map / Blue hell

 All Platforms  

As seen on Xbox One.

Blue hell is a term originating from the GTA franchise. It describes the place below the game map where all you can see is the sky and possibly semi-transparent world objects above, rendering the world completely blue. There are large dark walls down there, which are used for "cube mapping".

 Xbox One   It has been reported that when you crash a plane and it doesn't blow up, but instead, spirals out of control, it can enter blue hell by clipping through the ground. It has been reported to be likely to happen when flying a jet through train tunnels. This has also happened when a wing is forced down into the ground. It has also been reported that grappling onto a rebel drop, you can be "teleported to an unloaded part of the map" and then put in blue hell.

 PC   It has been reported that if the Rebel drop container falls on you, you could end up in blue hell. Normally Rico just gets hurt when this happens. This was reported before the fourth patch, so it will need confirmation after the patch is installed.

 PS4    Xbox One   It has been reported that it's possible to crash a CS7 Thunderhawk into blue hell by hitting the ground at high speeds. Usually this is seen by taking a CS7 Thunderhawk from a train and crashing it into the ground. This is because vehicles carried on trains have no collision except the wheels (they will sink into the ground when tipped over). Blue hell can be easily entered by flying a jet obtained from a train upside down through the map. A video showcasing the glitch and a large part of underground Medici can be seen here.

Underground forest

 All Platforms  

As reported here, there's an area with forest located underground at Grande Pastura, at N 40 48.820 E 5 40.144. How you get under ground is up to you (see the "under the map" glitch above), but once you do, be sure to check it out. It looks like a floating island and it's shaped like a bowl. There's trees in there. Once you enter, a flat roof will appear over it and you'll be trapped. The only way to leave is by Fast Travel.

There's a similar trap at Vista Fonte.

Underground cube

 PC    Xbox One   (Probably all platforms.)

Underground cube.

As reported here, there's a strange cube under ground, east of Cava Geminos Nord. The cube is reported to have visible textures on its inner sides. The textures do not resemble anything recognizable and the purpose of the cube is unknown, though it could have served as a test cell during development, as shown here.

Floating vehicle under Guardia Grande Pastura I

 Xbox One  

Urga Szturm 63A under ground.

CS Odjur under ground.

Under the map at Guardia Grande Pastura I, there is a rebel vehicle that spawns below an enclosed room. Probably just misplaced spawn point co-ordinates.

Two underground trees

JC3 underground tree.jpg

There are two trees near Vulture.

Inaccessible beacon/flare resupply point

 Xbox One   Somewhere near Griphon there is a beacon/flare resupply point inside a building. This building is inaccessible, meaning that one is unable to obtain beacons or flares from here.

Spinning SAM site

 PS4   (Probably all platforms.) Tethering the control panel to any other part of the SAM site will cause it to spin uncontrollably. Most of the times the tethers will break shortly afterwards, but sometimes they stay intact and the SAM becomes a spinning gyroscope of death. The effect can be strengthened by connecting the control panel to many different parts at once. A video showcasing this bug can be found here.

Trying to steal the Fast Travel helicopter

 PS4   (Probably all platforms.) With a little bit of help from the Bavarium Wingsuit it is possible to get close enough to the Fast Travel Eubus Eagle to actually be able to grapple to it. But surprisingly Rico doesn't grapple the helicopter itself but the pilot inside of it which causes Rico to get stuck inside the helicopter and quickly die from ridiculous collision damage. Video can be found here.

Lighting glitches (floating lights)

Destroyed bridge lights

 All Platforms  

The street lights on bridges will continue to float after bridge destruction.

Bridge lights.

Red light from a destroyed surveillance system

 PC    Xbox One  

Even after destroyed, surveillance system antennas will still be glowing red at night.

This was reported before patch v1.02 came out, so it will need confirmation after the patch is installed.

Flashing / flickering lights

 All Platforms  

Sometimes in villages and towns the lights from a house will flicker, this glitch is relatively harmless, although it can be annoying. The glitch seems to happen on rooftops since the lights are probably overlapping.

An in-universe explanation could be that the specific houses have poor quality electrical connections. (Note that this is not only a minor fire hazard if you see this happen in your house, but it's also dangerous to digital technology, so call an electrician.)

Reported after the latest patch, 2019 05 July.

Lights on excavators don't go away after being destroyed

 PC    Xbox One  

After being destroyed, the lights on the Excavator still glow at night.

This glitch may also be on different consoles.

Strange lights out at sea [resolved]

 PC    PS4  

Strange lights out at sea.

The sea north-west of Insula Striate has several clusters of lights floating above the sea. The lights are only visible at night. They can be seen from great distances as well as close up. It's unknown what they are.

These turned out to be Insula Lacrima that was added in the Mech Land Assault DLC.

There are more strange lights west of Insula Striate. These belong to the Stingray Area from the Bavarium Sea Heist DLC.

Falco Maxime: Centcom tower lights

 All Platforms  

Falco Maxime: Centcom tower lights (under the sun).

The many lights on the tower at Falco Maxime: Centcom will still float there at night after the mission The Shatterer of Worlds where the tower is destroyed. This has also happened with Corda Dracon: Centcom too. Oddly, it doesnt seem to occur with Cima Leon: Centcom. Note: Cima Leon's tower cannot be seen from a distance at night, even before Missile Cowboy, unless you get close.

Antenna Tower lights after destruction

 All Platforms  

The lights on top of antenna towers remain after destruction.

Flickering shadows

 PC    PS4   (Probably all platforms.)

All the shadows can frequently start flashing (appearing and disappearing). One possible solution could be to lower the games graphical settings.

But it's known to be a glitch for AMD graphics players. (How is this known? Some people have an HD6970 and they have never seen this.)

Satcom dishes, radar spires and excavators look intact from a distance

 Xbox One    PS4   SATCOM Dishes, Radar Spires and excavators can look fine from a great distance, even after destruction. Going closer makes them appear correctly. This is to do with Level of detail.

Guardia Massos V restricted area

 All Platforms   Guardia Massos V might stay as a restricted area after liberation. Even after all of Massos is taken over. It does not cause Heat. Restarting the game does not fix this.

Reportedly, this has been seen at other unspecified outposts too.

Destroyed water tower still standing

 All Platforms  

Destroyed water tower at Guardia Massos III.

Destroyed water tower and Di Ravello statue, both still standing at Bellevia. The statue is not a glitch.

This happened after the water tower was destroyed by being shot at from directly below. The player only noticed that the tower is up at a distance. This is an example of a harmless and generally good glitch.

Leaving the area, or restarting the game fixes this, causing the tower to appear destroyed.

This glitch would be very difficult to reproduce, because the player that got the screenshots destroyed nearly all towers that way and it only happened twice.

This happens randomly and has been seen at Citate Di Ravello among other places.

Glitched LOD at volcano island ruins

 All Platforms  

Glitched LOD at the north-east coast of the volcano.

Go to the small islands just off the north-east coast of the Volcano Island in Medici. The ruins have broken Level Of Detail graphics that show the most distant version. The low resolution graphics are not solid and the high resolution pars are also there at the same time.

This does not happen every time.

Rico acts like he's receiving damage for no reason

 PS4    Xbox One   It has been reported that Rico can start acting like he's receiving damage from nothing at all. This is reported to happen after the missions Three's Company and/or Abandon Ship.

It has been reported that restarting the console will fix this for some, but not for others. It has also been reported that going to a different game may get rid of the glitch.

This was reported before the fourth patch came out, so it will need confirmation after the patch is installed. It may have been fixed by now.

Minor porting issue

 PC   Go to the game menu "leaderboards" tab and look at the sub-tab names. At the ends of these are icons for "LT" and "RT", referring to "left trigger" and "right trigger", which are buttons on a console controller.

The sub-tabs can still be navigated using the mouse pointer (which most PC gamers probably use here anyway), but it just looks odd.

This was reported before the fourth patch came out, so it will need confirmation after the patch is installed.

Floating non-solid people and guns

 All Platforms  

Floating non-solid woman. As you can see, Rico was able to just clip through her. ...What?

Would you rather be shielded, or invisible?

Sometimes rarely it's possible to see a floating Mounted Gun, or Rebellion soldier, or parts of an Urga Szturm 63A at some liberated bases. There are no known specific reoccurring locations for this and so far they've all been non-solid, so it's not a significant problem. It is believed to happen when a vehicle somehow fails to load.

This seems to also happen when a M488 is fired at a vehicle.

Floating people after failed sidemission

 Xbox One    PS4   It has been reported that if you do a "Convoy Rescue" Random Encounter and die during the mission, then the CS Baltdjur and army cars will still be there. Moving the vehicles makes the soldiers continue floating there and hold their guns. If the player grapples them, they fall through the ground.

If you enter the Weimaraner it will sometimes have solid soldiers, but they are not "accounted" by the game, because they shouldn't be there. Subsequently this means that you can enter their vehicle and drive them around and hear dialogue you normally wouldn't.

M488 deletes vehicles but not people

 All Platforms  

He's sad because his tank is gone...

Destroyed CS Navajo, Note that this is a Polish version of JustCause3

Occasionally when using the M488, the explosion will delete the vehicles in its blast radius, but leave Medician Soldiers floating in mid-air.

Boat hijacking glitch

 PC    Xbox One   Grapple to a yacht/boat and enter from the rear end. Then kill the driver. If you then enter the drivers seat, the person driving the boat will be thrown out but Rico will just be floating in the air. Youtube video.

There doesn't have to be a driver in the boat and you don't need to kill the driver. If you use rebel drop it will still glitch, but you can't drive the boat.

Weird Flashing at game start

 Xbox One   At the start of the game, the display may be flashing like something that would give you epilepsy.

This was reported to start happening after installing patch 5.

Smugglers run

 PS4   Normally when a Random Encounter says that "Innocent Hurt," it means that the mission failed. When doing the "Smuggler's Run" event that starts at Espia Alta and ends at Volo Dracon, it's possible that the player can be awarded beacons even if an innocent was hurt.

Vehicles inexplicably being launched

 Xbox One   Sometimes when the game is "overloaded", vehicles can be launched kilometers away at great speeds. It is especially common when destroying a large amount of vehicles. The cause of this is speculated to most likely be the game's Havok physics engine launching the vehicles away to reduce the physics calculations required to track such a large amount of objects. While highly amusing, this glitch does create much lag, so there is a risk of the game crashing. Videos of this can be seen here.

Double wingsuit

 Xbox One    PS4   Sometimes your wingsuit duplicates so you have 4 wings.

In-game statistics reset

 All Platforms   Some in-game statistics have been reset to 0. This is known to affect all stats.

See Thread:26282 for the discussion and report of this.

Vehicle cannons aim at the sky [semi-resolved]

 PC   Sometimes, when piloting a vehicle with a large cannon, the gun will start to aim higher than the crosshair, and eventually will become nonresponsive as it's aiming too far up past the crosshair. This has been observed on the Urga Bkolos 2100 and the Corvette. It seems to be especially common during the naval frenzy challenge at Porto Darsena. It has not been observed on the Imperator Bavarium Tank or the CS Odjur.

Fixes include aiming the gun as low as possible for a moment and if necessary exiting the vehicle for a moment. On the Corvette it's not necessary to leave the vehicle.

Alternatively, aiming the Corvette's cannon as high as it can aim and then lowering it can also fix it.

Son of Medici boss fight weapon glitch

It has been reported that during Son of Medici, if you shoot at Di Ravello's Golden Urga Mstitel with a M488 at the very start, before he puts the shield up, it will take away all your ammunition and 3 quarters of his health. What platform is this on?

This was reported before the second patch came out (and maybe even before installing the first), so it will need confirmation after the patch is installed.

Rico is unable to melee an enemy

 PS4   Sometimes when you press the button to melee an enemy when you are close to one, it might not work.

Military does not care when they are attacked

 PS4   It is apparently possible that the Medici Military will not retaliate if Rico attacks them head on.

Aircraft can crash into mountains and skyscrapers

 All Platforms  

  • Sometimes the U41 Ptakojester cargo planes transporting paratroopers may crash into a cliff. This has been seen at Alte Potentia.
  • Ordering an something while at Citate Di Ravello can result in the CS7 Thunderhawk crashing into a building. The ordered item will still be fine.
  • This happens all the time in the mountains of Insula Striate. The player is always credited with having destroyed an enemy jet, but it doesn't cause Heat, unless maybe if the player is near some enemy at the time.

Black Hand spawning at Di Ravello's palace after liberation

 PS4   Rarely, it is possible that Citate Di Ravello might liberate itself even if Rico doesn't raise the flag.

This could happen with other settlements, but the thing with this settlement is that Black Hand troops spawn at Di Ravello's mansion and once Citate Di Ravello is liberated, the Black Hand should stop spawning. In this case, the Black Hand would keep spawning after city liberation, which shouldn't be happening. The palace also remains a restricted area after liberation.

"Unable to load saved data" [resolved]

 Xbox One   It has been reported that it's possible that if the game has crashed, it'll give the error message that it's "unable to load saved data". When that happens the only known fix is to turn the game off and on again. Restarting the console might also be helpful before turning the game back on.

100% completion trophy does not unlock [resolved]

 PS4   It has been reported that the trophy for 100% completion might not unlock. Players are advised to make sure that they have not used Re-Oppression.

The only thing that's been reported to fix this is that the player has to leave the game turned on over night. If the game disconnects from the servers, one must reconnect and not enter the offline mode.

It has also been reported that the following can fix it:

Deer standing on car glitch

 All Platforms  

The Deer Car.png

It has been reported that a deer can be found running in place on top a vehicle. The deer can't get off, because the only way to get off would be to jump. Deers don't jump, so they're held trapped, just like Rico can't just walk off.

This is an example of a more humorous glitch, as this glitch doesn't affect game performance.

Clipped weapons [semi-resolved]

 All Platforms  

A belt-fed M488? How about that...

The Predator merged with the Negotiator. Looks... deadly.

Often when switching from an empty weapon to another weapon, the two weapons will clip together. This has no effect on gameplay though, just an amusing visual glitch.

To fix this you have to call in a Rebel drop with more ammunition for your equipped weapons and then switch to the previously empty weapon. However, you can also just switch to the weapon you had on before you switched weapons. Another way to fix it is to simply switch back to the empty weapon.

SAM not changed after base liberation and still shoots you

 Xbox One   If you liberate a base with an enemy SAM, it will shoot at you if you have not hacked it. The SAM will fire at you even if you are not flying a military helicopter or plane.

Weaponless Custode 29

{{Console unknown}}

Custode no gun.jpg

Rarely, it is apparently possible for a Custode 29 to be missing its front machine gun.

Circuit Breaker glitch

 Xbox One   One of the Circuit Breakers at Vigilator Sud spawns sideways so the wires don't connect to it as they float in the air.

Spelling errors

Propaganda Van

 Xbox One   If you drive a Propaganda Van into water, it will say that it is destroyed and give you chaos points even if it isn't destroyed. Pull it back out using the Grappler and you can still drive it.

Bavarium on a Plane camera glitch

 Xbox One    PS4   (possibly other consoles) It has been reported that after the cut-scene with the exploding truck plays, you get put in a 1st person view high above Medici only being able to move the camera.

The only fix is restarting from the last checkpoint.

Ghost helicopter

 Xbox One   If an explosion hits a helicopter during a hijacking, the chopper will float without a pilot. This can also happen after liberating a settlement.

Indestructible Chair

Console unknown.

There is an indestructible chair just outside the Police Station in Surpicco. It is immune to all weapons, including the M488 FOW and cannot be knocked over.

Crashing a motorcycle into a car has weird results

 PC    PS4   Reportedly, crashing a motorcycle into a car can kill Rico and make Rico respawn inside that car.

Leaderboard score problems

Some leaderboard scores are not displaying correctly [semi-resolved]

 PC   If there's a score that has no listed score at all from any of ones Steam friends, then the sentence "This user is better than XX% of players" will be invisible.

To make it appear, the player has to press the down arrow key.

This was reported before the fourth patch came out, so it will need confirmation after the patch is installed.

Impossible to replicate old scores

 PS4   It is possible for some scores to become impossible to replicate. Say for example, one starts a new game and attempts to reach the score they reached in the past.

As of March 2019, there is either some update or some major bug to the game that makes crash bomb challenges give much less score at the end. Whether this is some update or some bug is unknown. The discoverer of this bug deleted and reinstalled the game, but whether there is any difference is yet to be seen.

Leaderboard updates score when it shouldn't

 PS4   Sometimes, Rico can just be idling around and some challenges might start randomly updating on their own.

For example, the discoverer of this glitch had a "Most Consecutive Shots On An Enemy" challenge go all the way up to 97... while driving around.

In another case, the same discoverer killed 35 Medici Military soldiers in one clip... but the number kept rising when Rico was killing soldiers in another area.

This may be the result of playing a game for too long.

Non-hostile soldiers

Non-hostile D.R.M.

 PC   Incredibly rarely, you could find a non-hostile D.R.M. soldier while inside a Policia station combat zone. So far, this has only been observed at Burgoletto.

Non-hostile Medici Military

 PS4   (possibly other platforms)

The same thing can happen to the Medici Military. This was observed at Porto Vena. Also on PS4 at Falco Maxime: Centcom.

Non-hostile Medici Military.jpg

Game does not save itself

 PC   It has been reported at the Wiki's discord that it's possible for the game to not save itself. This can happen on both Windows 7 and Windows 10. Reinstalling the game does not fix this.

Vanishing/missing weapons when you start up the game

 Xbox One    PS4   Some times when you load the game, all your weapons (including your GE-64) vanish and you have nothing. Your weapons will appear after the game runs for a few minutes. This glitch is reported to still occur as of the summer of 2018.

GE-64 related glitches

GE-64 missing after using Power Core [semi-resolved]

 PS4   After dying while using the Power Core your GE-64 can be missing.

Some reported fixes include restarting the game and/or disabling/enabling an "extra C4" gear mod.

GE-64 doesn't work while in vehicles

 PS4   The trigger for your GE-64 won't work while Rico is in any type of vehicle.

GE-64 disappears [semi-resolved]

 PS4   Occasionally, the explosives will disappear from inventory. Restarting the game sometimes fixes this.

 Xbox One   It disappears after and during the "sky terror" jet wingsuiting challenge from the Sky Fortress DLC and isn't available to get.

 PC   It has been reported that GE-64 and all of the weapons in your inventory can randomly disappear during gameplay sessions. Cause is unknown, can probably be resolved by restarting the game.

Missing Beacons [resolved]

 Xbox One    PS4  

Beacons can not be thrown, even though you have a full stock of them. Exiting to the Main Menu is a proven fix.

A Long and Dangerous Road related glitches [semi-resolved]

The missions Three's Company and A Long and Dangerous Road break the game

 PC    Xbox One   It has been reported that playing these missions can result in the game becoming stuck. It's impossible to exit the missions, even after completing them. Reloading the game, or dying will just reload the last mission checkpoint.

At this time it's not known what exactly causes this. Turning the console off and on multiple times is reported to fix this.

This was reported before the fourth patch came out, so it will need confirmation after the patch is installed.

Tanks in A Long and Dangerous Road [resolved]

 PC    PS4   (Probably all platforms.)

Annika warns about attacking tanks at some point in the mission A Long and Dangerous Road, but really there will only be more cars and motorcycles, appearing from behind.

It has been confirmed that at least one CS Odjur will actually appear from behind, but it may have difficulty catching up to the convoy, so some players might never see it.

Cutscene error in A Long and Dangerous Road

 PC   As seen in this Youtube clip, it is rarely possible for the ending cutscene to make one of the rebel Urga Szturm 63As disappear.

The glitch can be found at the 13:50 timestamp.

JC3 grappler-related glitches

Old grapple model

 PC    PS4   The model for the JC2 Grappler is used after Rico has received the new version, though there seem to be no other associated problems.

This was reported before the fourth patch came out, so it will need confirmation after the patch is installed.

Weak grappler

 PC   It has been reported that the Grappler cables can stay as weak as they are at level 1, even after being upgraded to level 6.

JC3 grappler sounding like JC2 version

 PS4   It has been reported that the Just Cause 3 grappler can start sounding like the Just Cause 2 version, but the model looks the same.

Rico stuck in grappling position after grappling hook is reeled in

 PC    PS4  

It has been reported that Rico can stay in the same position while walking around as in the grappling position, disabling guns and tethers.

Urga Mstitel related glitches [semi-resolved]

Golden Urga Mstitel spawning when it shouldn't


Why are these "normal" variants gold???


Rarely, it is possible that this vehicle can be found patrolling Falco Maxime: Centcom instead of the normal Medici Military variants.

It is also reported that this vehicle won't spawn. See the section below.

Clipped reticule [resolved]

 Xbox One  

If you enter this vehicle while holding a Urga Vdova 89, then you will get the reticle for the gun instead of the one for the vehicle. This glitch is annoying, because it is hard to aim, and the reticle is off center. Interestingly, it turns red with a cross in the middle, when you can hit something with your auto cannons or rockets, like it would work on the ground.

This can be fixed by holstering the gun.

Urga Vulkan related glitches

Urga Vulkan without a tripod

 PC    PS4   (Probably all platforms.)

Rebel women are very enthusiastic, but not very strong. Either that, or she's very tired.

It's possible that an Urga Vulkan that should have a tripod doesn't have one. As a result, the soldier behind it looks like he/she is taking a nap, or a dump. This can also look like the rebel soldier is doing an inspection on the gun.

Urga Vulkan barrel not spinning, but firing

 Xbox One    PS4   It has been reported that the barrel on the Urga Vulkan sometimes does not spin while firing. As a result, it will look very odd.

Vehicle spawning related glitches

Stria Joia spawning inside a wall

 Xbox One   Sometimes while going down the main streets of Vista Fonte, the player may encounter a Stria Joia parked inside a wall. If the player touches it, it will shed its body panels.

This can happen at any other town as well.

Cars spawning upside down

{{Console unknown}} A Stria Cucciola can sometimes spawn on its roof in a ditch in Val de Mar, although it is entirely possible that it was a roadside event parked on the side of the ditch, and subsequently rolled.

Cars spawning beached on a rail

{{Console unknown}} In a backyard of a house in Regno, a Stria Carera Standard can spawn on top of a stone rail, thus its wheels will be unable to move.

Stria Joia spawning as a wreck but still drivable

{{Console unknown}}

Stria Joia glitch.png

Sometimes it is possible that the Stria Joia might spawn seemingly destroyed (that is, all the parts that come off during an explosion are not shown), but is still able to be driven.

It also been reported that the same thing could happen to a Stria Toro, or even a Mugello Raffinati Vitesse.

All military vehicles despawning


Every so often, all military vehicles on the map will suddenly despawn, causing any heat to be instantly lost. If Rico is in a stolen military vehicle, it will despawn too, which is odd, considering it it no longer seen as an enemy vehicle by the game. Has been noticed when the Liberated screen comes up when you are inside a military vehicle

Jets despawning at Vulture

 Xbox One  

When entering the hangar at Vulture, pre-Liberation, it is possible to see some of the Medici Military CS7 Thunderhawks to vanish.

Roadside events spawning glitches

Events spawning in walls/off cliffs

 Xbox One    PS4   Sometimes roadside events (mainly the ambulance response) will spawn on cliff side roads, or inside tunnel walls. They remain static until the player approaches them.

Events spawning together

 PS4   A more amusing glitch, where two events can appear in the same place. The reporter saw an ambulance crew member performing CPR whilst two Military motorcyclists appeared to keep watch.

Black Hand vehicles spawning at odd locations [resolved]

 All Platforms   Normally it's possible that Medici Military vehicles can spawn in traffic outside of settlement limits and at some military and civilian settlements. After installing the Mech Land Assault DLC, a lot of these incidents are replaced with Black Hand vehicles spawning instead. This was probably an intentional part of the DLC.

This can probably also happen at random, but it's consistent at the following places:

Using tether on civilians receiving CPR causes strange animation

{{Console unknown}} During the Stria Switzo Ambulance response, using the tether on the civilian receiving CPR will make them stand still with their head hanging down a bit. These civilians can be pushed around and will not speak.

Rebel drop related glitches​​

There have been reportings of vehicles and weapons not unlocking at Rebel drop when they should after performing certain tasks.

Unable to throw beacon

 Xbox One   Template:Playstation When you call for a Rebel drop, it says Throw Beacon but if you press RB it doesn't happen. It is unknown why this is. It can be fixed by quitting the game and loading it up again, or death. All other activities using RB seem to work fine (e.g. using Grenades).

Stria Kavala can't be saved at a garage [resolved]

 Xbox One    PC   When bringing a Stria Kavala to one of Mario's garages, the game makes the saving noise, but the screen doesn't show the correct animation for it. Alessia says that the car can now be dropped, but it doesn't unlock in the Rebel drop list. When brought to the garage again, Alessia says that they don't need that car anymore.

On PC the vehicle will appear correctly in the rebel drop after the game is restarted. Xbox needs confirmation.

This was reported before the fourth patch came out, so it will need confirmation after the patch is installed. It may have been fixed by now.

Golden Urga Mstitel not unlocking at Rebel drop

 Xbox One   It has been reported that after collecting all 71 Di Ravello tapes, this vehicle might not unlock in Rebel drop when it should.

At this time, there is no known fix.

CS Comet not unlocking at Rebel drop

 PS4   It has been reported that after liberating Cima Leon: Centcom, this vehicle might not unlock at Rebel drop when it should.

At this time, there is no known fix.

CS Baltdjur not unlocking at Rebel drop

 PS4   It has been reported that after liberating Cima Leon: Silo, this vehicle might not unlock at Rebel drop when it should.

At this time, there is no known fix.

CS110 Archangel not unlocking at Rebel drop

{{Console unknown}} It has been reported that this weapon is not unlocked even after liberating all the settlements in the game.

At this time, there is no known fix.

Parachute related glitches

No parachute

 All Platforms  

Little known fact: Rico loves playing make-believe.

Regularly Rico starts parachuting with no Parachute and you see it floating where you deployed it.

Floating Parachute

 PC    Xbox One  

Well now how did that get there?

Occasionally when switching from the Bavarium Wingsuit to Rico's Parachute, the Parachute can detach and float in place, leading to the No Parachute glitch.

FOW Related glitches

Cima Leon: Centcom FOW glitch

{{Console unknown}}

If you haven't completed the mission to disable the FOW, it has been reported the FOW sometimes won't be active when starting the game. This could also be attributed to moving toward the location quickly in an aircraft.

Falco Maxime: Centcom FOW active during a mission

 Xbox One  

During the mission The Shatterer of Worlds the Bavarium Nuke FOW at Falco Maxime: Centcom is functional, however there is no warning dialog that normally appears when the FOW is online.

Train related glitches

Mini trains [resolved]

 All Platforms   When traveling extremely quickly along train tracks (around 300+ km/h), Trains may spawn with only one or two cars. Sometimes the others will spawn in a second or so later. Just don't drive into where they would be, or they can kill you by spawning on you.

This is likely normal game behaviour. See the aircraft speed section of Game limits for more about this.

Train crash causes teleporting and game crash

It has been reported that while doing the Simpsons Easter Egg, a crash with two trains can cause the player to be teleported beyond Game limits, which crashes the game.

At this time, there is no known fix, other than restarting the game.

Burning locomotive

 All Platforms  

JC3 Burning locomotive glitch.png

The locomotive spawns on fire sometimes and doesn't seem to take damage from it (or maybe it eventually does?). Since it's not known to be harmful, this is another example of a useful glitch, in the sense that it makes the game more entertaining.

This was reported before the fourth patch came out, so it will need confirmation after the patch is installed.

Missile Car glitch

 PS4   It has been reported that if you get on a train heading towards the top of the map, make it crash whilst hacking the missile car, the train will flip into the air, then the screen goes dark, and the hacking sound beep goes into a constant loop and it freezes the game.

Spontaneous derailment

It has been reported that distant trains can apparently derail on their own at times.

Sinking trains

 All Platforms  

Sometimes a derailed train (or a vehicle that spawns on it) can somewhat sink inside of the ground. This makes spawned vehicle crashes a little less entertaining, but at the same time it is a useful exploit to explore the underside of the map.

Sphere Tank random spawn

JC3 Nonexistent sphere tank spawn glitch.png

This seems to be a very rare glitch. As shown in the image, a sphere tank randomly spawns in for no apparent reason. It is physically nonexistent (no hitboxes), so that it can clip right through objects.

Alt+Tabbing out of the game appears to damage Rico [semi-resolved]


When the game is in full screen and you Alt+Tab to another window, when you return to the game window, the edges of your screen will be red like Rico has taken damage, even when nothing is happening. This also happens when the game is changed between windowed and full screen mode. This is likely caused by Rico taking damage as the user switches window previously and so the game bugs and applies damage to Rico every time the player exits fullscreen or switches window.

At this time, the only known solution is to restart the game.

Common to all DLC

Disappearing DLC

 PS4   It has been reported that on the PS4 version, the Sky Fortress, Mech Land Assault and Bavarium Sea Heist can apparently cease to exist from the game.

At this time there is no known fix.

Bavarium Splitter becomes quiet

 All Platforms   In some subsequent DLC missions, if the player has the Bavarium Splitter assault rifle from the Sky Fortress DLC, it might spontaneously lose its sound when using it.

It's unknown what causes this.

After the mission, the sound should be back. If not, restarting the game will certainly fix it.

Lights from DLCs can be seen even if DLC not installed

 PS4    PC  

The lights of Insula Lacrima and the Stingray Area are visible without the DLC.

Map icons for individual settlements seen when zoomed out

 Xbox One   (possible others) The icons for all settlements on the map in the base game will be minimized to small blue/red dots when zoomed out. However the settlements from the DLC regions will not change when zooming out. This was likely unintended and probably just an oversight.

Sky Fortress DLC related glitches

Non-hostile Black Hand at the airship [resolved]

 All Platforms   The Black Hand members are not always hostile on the eDEN Airship. This isn't really a glitch. The Black Hand just doesn't care of Rico hangs out with them with no Heat. They're only hostile when something else has given the player some heat. See the eDEN Airship article for a full description of how heat works there.

Two Reticles [semi-resolved]

 Xbox One  

Which one is the right one?

Rarely, if Rico dies while using the Bavarium Wingsuit, another aiming reticle may appear where it was pointed last. There's no known solution other than resetting the game.

The mission "Suit Up" breaks the game

 PS4   It has been reported that during the mission Suit Up, the Extractor drones might not appear at all at their second location. This makes the game stuck. The small flying Drones are correctly present and there are 3 small explosions heard when approaching the location, but the Extractor drones are just not there.

Restarting the storyline missions and clearing the PS4 cache are reported to make no difference. The reporter said he'll try to reinstall the game next.

Some things not spawning

It has been reported that the eDEN Airship has no enemies or drones.

In addition, there are apparently no anti-air cannons to destroy.

At this time, there is no known fix.

Missing Bavarium Wingsuit

 PS4   The Bavarium Wingsuit occasionally disappears whilst flying. This is a harmless, funny glitch where Rico appears to be make-believe flying.

This may also occur with the default wingsuit.

Entering police station rooms with Bavarium Wingsuit

 All Platforms   The Bavarium Wingsuit lets players enter police station DRM spawn rooms by taking off next to the spawn door even when the spawn door is closed. It should be noted though that the only enterable doors are the dark green doors, not the garage doors. The inside of the room has multiple decals.

Mech Land Assault DLC related glitches

Black Hand vehicle at Guardia Libeccio I triggers heat

 PC    Xbox One   Guardia Libeccio I has a random Black Hand vehicle after installing the Mech Land Assault DLC. The vehicle may even be a Mech, or CS Odjur. Strangely, attacking the vehicle will still trigger heat, even after the outpost has been taken over.

Black Hand spawning at other regions and fighting everyone [resolved]

 All Platforms  

See Thread:27915 for the original report and discussion.

After getting the Sky Fortress and Mech Land Assault DLCs it's apparently possible for the Black Hand to occasionally appear at other regions, like Insula Fonte, even if it's entirely liberated. When this happens, they'll have Weimaraner W3s, Urga Szturm 63As, CS Odjurs and Mechs, and they slaughter The Rebellion with overwhelming gunfire. Rico will only get heat from them if a mech sees him. All other Black Hand units ignore him.

The only known way to trigger this is to start at the eDEN Airship and travel (not Fast Travel) to any region. Use the Wingsuit, or something. If you're lucky enough (or unlucky if you don't like this), you should see the Black Hand all over the area.

Also, sometimes on the bridge between Insula Striate and Insula Dracon some black hand vehicles may spawn, including Mechs or a Weimaraner W3. It has been reported that a CS Navajo in Black Hand colours can be sent in for reinforcements.

Mech despawning on Rico

{{Console unknown}}


Wow what a ride...

As seen in a video clip (at the bottom of the page), it is possible that the mech can inexplicably despawn on Rico and slightly injure him in the process.

Note that this is impossible to see in the base game without installing the Mech Land Assault DLC.

Mech turret can momentarily break off

It has been reported that it's rarely possible for the turret of a Mech to break off. It's unknown if it's possible to make it happen again, but in the linked video it happend when using the "GRIP" device to move objects and there were immovable objects in the way. There was also a breaking bridge under the Mech at the time. The game seems to have automatically fixed it with in a second, or so, but the whole event caused the vehicle to make several quick uncontrollable flips/spins that resulted in the Mechs destruction when falling from the destroyed bridge.

Mech rapidly spinning

 Xbox One  



If a Mech is somehow flipped upside-down, it may start spinning really fast, up to a speed where it knocks away all physics objects. It can not be stopped and won’t stop on its own. After it is destroyed, the chassis will continue spinning.

Novola Central Detention Cami?

 Xbox One   Upon entering Novola Central Detention Camp it says "Entering outpost: Novola Central Detention Cami" on the screen, but when you stay inside, it is corrected in the icon in the top left corner.

Colliding U41 Ptakojesters

Rarely during the mission Storming the Hive, the two U41s that drop paratroopers can collide, destroying each other. An example of this can be seen here.

Broken liberation cities

After beating the mission Storming the Hive you may experience Re-Oppression to all towns and cities across Medici.

What console is this on?

Bavarium Sea Heist DLC related glitches

EDEN Spark not properly rendering the lightning beam

 All Platforms  

EDEN Spark Beam Glitch 3.jpg

Rarely, the EDEN Spark's beam of lightning will not render properly, resulting in this alternative version of the Spark's beam. It appears that nothing is striking the ground, except for the separately-rendered sparks of electricity around the would-be beam.