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This article lists everything needed for 100% completion of Just Cause 4.

100% complete map of Solís with all locations capable of being discovered found.

Official 100%

If you complete every task on this list, the game will consider your save game as "100%" complete.

The 3 expansion packs have their own completion counters:

Is it possible to reach 100%?

Should be possible.

As of 2020 (maybe even 2019), the highest percentage one could reach (overall) was 98% if the expansion pass was downloaded. This is assuming the base game, Dare Devils of Destruction and Los Demonios are completed to 100%.

In late 2021, it was reported that 100% could be reached, proving that the below-described glitch does not affect everyone.

92% glitch (DLC)

It's not known if this has been around since the expansion pack was released, but it has been impossible to complete Danger Rising beyond 92% and as a result, it is impossible to reach 100% on games with the DLC installed.

The reason for this glitch is unknown, but there are some theories:

  • There's some cut game content that they forgot or failed to completely remove from the released DLC, so there are some missions or tasks that the game counts as part of 100% completion, but you can't do them since they were removed.
  • Danger Rising does have some notable cut but not fully cut content:
    • Agents are said to have a program to throw grenades, but never do it in the released version of the game.
    • There is an Agency version of the Daggershark Jetboat that never appears in the game, but can be spawned in using mods.
  • They could have messed up the calculation. The last 8% could have been meant for something else.

"200%" completion

The following things are not counted by the game and are more of a voluntary challenge:

  • Get all Just Cause 4 Achievements.
    • Some of them can only be obtained through DLC and are fairly difficult.
    • Some are "hidden", which means you can't see them on Steam (or whatever platform you bought the game on). These are often semi-easter eggs.
  • Find and activate, or interact with, all Easter Eggs in Just Cause 4.
    • Some of them can only be obtained through DLC and one is impossible to interact with without an invincibility mod.
  • Obtain the maximum of 34 squad reserves by liberating all regions and getting up to Army of Chaos level 14.
    • Previously the maximum was 23. It's not known where the additional 11 came from.
  • Find and drive, or interact with, all vehicles, including rare vehicles and vehicle versions. Vehicle articles normally mention if the vehicle is known to have any unique versions. See: Category:Just Cause 4 Vehicles.
  • Buy and complete/interact with all downloadable content for Just Cause 4.
  • Find and explore all locations on the map. There are a number of settlements and other points of interest that the game does not have a map marker for. These can be hard to find and keep track of, especially because JC4 does not have coordinates.
  • Complete every stunt and challenge in JC4, including "Weekly Challenges".
  • Complete all obvious potential stunts. For example, there are a few locations in the mountains that have odd cavities and cracks that seem like they were made for wingsuiting through/past. See more at Improvised stunts and how to do them.
  • Find and explore all caves. Most of the bigger ones are already mission locations, but there's a few more.
  • Listen to the full tracks of all radio stations. Note that some, like for example the Solís Hoy talk radio have changing content throughout the missions. Completing Operation Illapa will end the Solís Hoy station and make them loop the last news segment and occasionally a random advertisement.
  • Sit in all Avalanche Studios Deck Chairs.
  • Destroy all chaos objects with set spawns at least once (they respawn).
  • Destroy every single Sabotage Destructible/Chaos object that has a set spawn point, at least once. You can achieve this by going to all military bases/outposts and blowing up all chaos objects in them. They always respawn after a while, so it's okay to blow them all up even if you prefer things to look nice afterwards.
  • Destroy every Black Hand statue at least once (they respawn).
  • Blow up all gas stations (they respawn).
  • Learn to hijack a plane mid-flight.
  • Destroy every destructible bridge (they respawn).
  • Drive a boat down every waterfall. See more at Improvised stunts and how to do them.
  • Fly a plane under every bridge that seems high enough. See more at Improvised stunts and how to do them.
  • Fire all of the weapons until they run out of ammo at least once. (Weapons such as mortars with infinite ammo do not count for getting rid of all of the ammo)
  • Feel free to add more, if you can think of anything relevant.

Feel free to add here if you know of anything that makes sense for this.

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