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This article lists the achievements/trophies for Just Cause 4.


Name Description Points Color (console) Image

We Put a Giant Gun on It

Finish Operation Sandstinger. Silver

What If I... Dive Down?

Finish Operation Windwalker. Silver

Bring It Down!

Finish Operation Thunderbarge. Silver

Allow Me to Introduce Myself

Help Sargento with his ambush, meet the mysterious Javi Huerta and visit Garland King. (Do the first mission of each of the three storylines.) Bronze

Last Action Hero

Help Garland King finally finish her picture. (Complete the last mission of the Garland King storyline.) Silver

Knowledge is Power

Uncover the mysteries of the lost tomb of Otorongo. (Complete the last mission of the Javi Huerta storyline.) Silver

His Name Is Luis

Help Sargento stop an invasion of Black Hand reinforcements. (Complete the last mission of the Sargento storyline.) Silver

Chaos Milestone

Increase your Army of Chaos level by filling up the chaos bar. Bronze

A Whole Army of Chaos

Reach Army of Chaos level 14. Silver

A Scorpion's Tale

Secure the Illapa region. Gold

Here to Stay

Secure every region. Gold

Know My Name

Get on the leaderboard for every feat. Silver

Don't Choke on My Smoke

Beat someone's score while manually tracking the feat. Bronze

I Like to Keep My Options Open

Unlock every grappler mod. Gold

Show Me the Way

Uncover every Ancient Statue. Bronze

...The Harder They Fall

Destroy every Surveillance Airship. Bronze

We're in Business

Secure every factory. Bronze

I Feel the Need...

Film every Speed stunt. Bronze

Stunt Driver

Film every vehicle stunt. Bronze

All the Right Moves

Film every wingsuit stunt. Bronze


Discover 50% of all discoverable locations. Bronze

Been Around the World

Discover every location in the game. Gold

Where I Belong

Stand on foot at the Highest point in Solís. This refers to the highest part of the mountain, not the tower. Bronze

Pinball Dreams

Destroy a vehicle with the PBX Auto-Slug 4 shotgun's "Ricochet" secondary fire. Bronze


Turn 10 Black Hand into cows using the Cow Gun in a single session. Bronze

A Game of Chicken

Crash into a flying airplane with your own plane. Bronze

Rico's Roughnecks

Recruit every supply drop pilot. Bronze

Fully Stocked

Secure every supply drop blueprint. Gold

Weapon Stash

Secure all small arms and heavy weapons blueprints. Bronze

Bomb Disposal

Remove all rigged vehicles from the harbors of Solís. Bronze

A Higher Love

Use only the Air Lifter for 15 non-consecutive minutes. Bronze

Classic Hits

Use only the Retract for 15 non-consecutive minutes. Bronze

Lift Off

Use only the Booster for 15 non-consecutive minutes. Bronze

Rico Was Here

Earn all Just Cause 4 trophies. Platinum

Dare Devils of Destruction (DLC)Edit

Name Description Points Color (console) Image

Rookie of the Year

Earn a B rank in the Trial of Initiation. Bronze

Dare Devil of Destruction

Earn a B rank in the Trial of Triumph. Bronze

Che's Way

Earn a B rank in LNP's Isla Intensa Trial Run. Bronze

Doña of Demolition

Earn a B rank in the Gearheads' Godsbowl Trial Rampage. Bronze

Rey Slayer

Earn a B rank in Los Artistas' La Ratonera Survival Trial. Bronze

Rough Rider

Destroy 15 vehicles during a single challenge. Bronze

Demo Pro

Destroy 25 vehicles during a single challenge. Silver

Tiger Tamer

Drive through all AR tiger images in the Solino Underground's challenges. Silver

Solino Grand Prix

Earn an S Rank in every course in the Solino Underground. Silver

Los Demonios (DLC)Edit

Name Description Points Color (console) Image
Now Who's the Idiot? Finish The Artifact.
A Nightmare on Kusi Street Purge the Infestation on the Mainland.
Silence of the Llamas Expel the Infestation at the Farm.
The Power of Rico Compels You Exorcise the Infestation at the Church.
Solino Chainsaw Massacre Eradicate the Infestation at the Compound.
They Came From the Lake Liquidate the Infestation in the Lake.
Demons on a Plane Obliterate the Infestation at the Crash.
The Flying Dead Abolish the Infestation on the Mountain.
Never Speak of This Again Finish Extermination.
Moocifer Create a Cow Demon. This is a hidden achievement.

Danger Rising (DLC)Edit

Name Description Points Color (console) Image
Interception Grapple to an Agent who's reeling through the air, and reel-kick them.
Not My First Rodeo Ride a friendly Agency drone for 1000 meters, without getting off it. This is a hidden achievement.
Drone Joust Defeat an Agent riding an Agency drone while riding an Agency drone yourself. This is a hidden achievement.
Danger Drone Defeat 10 enemies during a single Agency drone ride (These might have to be 10 consecutive headshots). This is a hidden achievement.
He Talked Too Much Defeat Emerson Miller.
Skitchin' Reach 200 km/h with the Hoverboard for 10s. This is a hidden achievement.
Long Board Ride the Hoverboard for a total of 10,000 meters (electro-mag cables don't count!). This is a hidden achievement.
Hover or Die Complete all Agency Hoverboard Courses in 20 seconds or less. This is a hidden achievement.

Tips for the more challenging onesEdit

Feel free to add to this section.


  • Most of their names are references to action movies, or famous memorable phrases.
    • "Rico's Roughnecks" one is named after the honorary title of the army unit that the main characters were in in the 1997 action movie "Starship Troopers".
    • "Last Action Hero" is likely a reference to the 1993 movie with the same name.
    • "Lift off" is how NASA reports the initial moment of a rocket launch.
    • "Classic hits" refers to music.
    • "A Game of Chicken" refers to a situation where two, or more vehicles are knowingly in a collision course as a competition of bravery to see which driver turns away first. This is common in action movies.
    • "All the Right Moves" is the name of a 1983 movie and a 2009 song.
    • "Stunt Driver" was one of the Just Cause 2 Achievements. It also means a type of stuntman.
    • "...The Harder They Fall" is the end of an american saying about enthusiastically facing a stronger enemy "The bigger they are the harder they fall". Coincidentally, Rico can also say this line from Just Cause 3 when toppling a Di Ravello statue.
    • "I Feel the Need..." is the beginning of a famous line of dialogue from the 1986 movie "Top Gun" - "I feel the need... the need for speed!".
    • "Knowledge is Power" is a very old anonymous saying. Similar to "The pen is mightier than the sword".
  • Almost all of Los Demonios' achievements reference some horror movie or TV show.
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