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This is a list of all known bugs and glitches in Just Cause 4 and their solutions.

Bugs and glitches are problems with the games programming that result in errors, crashes, omissions and/or unexpected behavior. Most cause problems during play, some can be used to exploit and gain an advantage in the game, or to just have some fun.

See also: Bugs and glitches disambiguation.


Common info about the article

All glitches should be marked with the game platform tags:  PC  ,  PS4  ,  Xbox One  , or  All Platforms  .

Just Cause 4 already has a number of patches (see Just Cause 4 Patch history), but not everything is fixed yet.

Several issues below have been resolved. Things are marked as "resolved" if they have at least one confirmed solution. Things are marked as "semi-resolved" if a solution works in only some cases, or if the problem keeps reappearing.

Keep in mind that not everyone will necessarily encounter each of these. Some of them are rare and may be difficult to reproduce.

Standard thing to try in case of major reoccurring glitches with the PC Steam version: Open the Steam main window and then click on the "LIBRARY" tab at the top. Then right-click on "Just Cause 4". Then click "Properties...". Then click on the "LOCAL FILES" tab. Then click on "VERIFY INTEGRITY OF GAME FILES..." Then Steam checks the game files and replaces any that seem to be corrupt.

Planes do cartwheels [resolved]

 PS4    Xbox One  

Planes and aircraft will occasionally do cartwheels or spin around very quickly. For AI, this is speculated to be a pathing error, but for the player, it may occur when flying close to a tornado.

This seems to have been fixed by one of the patches.

Some game setting keep resetting themselves

Screen resolution keeps resetting

 PC   (Windows 7 and Windows 10)

If the screen is 1920x1080, the game automatically sets it to 1280x720 almost every time the game is turned on. It's easy to set it back to what it should be when customizing the graphics settings, but for some reason this setting wants to go back to this default.

Fullscreen option resetting

 PC   (Windows 7 and Windows 10)

For some people, the game resets the fullscreen option to windowed every time it is launched.

Although easy and fast to reset manually, it is annoying to have to set it back to fullscreen every time the game is launched.

Rico gets stuck in a bridge

 Xbox One   While wingsuiting, Rico can get stuck on a not yet lowered bridge in ragdoll mode if he flies into one at the corner. Other places on the bridge not confirmed.

Which bridge and which exact corner? It sounds like there may be a small hole in the bridges solid body. Holes like this may be invisible, because the visible walls are programmed separately.

Planes take off strangely

Planes take off vertically

 All Platforms  

Rico may be in a semi-rare Army of Chaos Pointman Scout Tank, but the EM-979 Airliner is not taking off properly in this screenshot

At Aeropeurto General Benitez, some EM-979 Airliners take off vertically.

They seem to take off normally most of the time, but rarely there's a plane that flips 90 degrees up the moment it leaves the ground and then goes straight up for a while.

This happens when the front wheels spawns in the ground. Once the player approaches the plane, the wheel pops out of the ground and the whole plane suddenly jumps 90 degrees up.

This may have been addressed in a patch, making this glitch rare, but recently someone has seen it again.

Planes take off too soon

A player-controlled plane can easily take off in under 100 meters, but the A.I. planes seem to be programmed to try to look more realistic.

At Aeropuerto General Benitez, the planes taking off may take off a little earlier than usual. Similar to the vertical takeoff glitch, the plane will try to fix itself and go back to its regular path, so it'll dive back down to the ground and resume it's "takeoff" like nothing happened.

This one can be made to happen when you grapple a car to the front of the plane, but this would not count as a glitch then. It only counts as a glitch if it happens on its own with out any interference from the player.

This may have been addressed in a patch, making this glitch rare, but recently someone has seen it again.

Invisible water [not an actual problem]

 All Platforms  

JC4 Tansparent water glitch.png

If you grapple yourself behind a waterfall, then the screen of falling water makes nearby river water invisible.

This is useful to see just how deep the rivers are and if there's anything at the bottom.

A quarter of a fountain

 PC    PS4   (Probably all platforms.)

JC4 map design error at Alqollacta.png

The town Alqollacta has a fountain that is 3/4 inside adjacent buildings. The fountain itself is not a problem, it's reasonable to think that the fountain could be built this way, but the upward stream of water is inside the building. The stream is higher than the building so it comes through the roof.

Game gets stuck when customizing controls [resolved]

 PC   Occasionally when customizing some controls, it becomes impossible to back out of that part of the menu. By default, it should be possible to back out by using the right mouse button, but sometimes anything the player presses, or clicks will be misidentified as a wish to set the controls to that. There is no way to navigate away from the menu and the only solution is to use the task manager to End Task for the game.

This was solved by a patch from December 14, 2018. The patch added a permanently usable back button to the bottom right of the menu. Initially this could either be clicked on, or activated with the left control key. Some later update changed this to the back button.

Game gets stuck on death [semi-resolved]

 Xbox One   Rarely, when Rico dies, he doesn't respawn but instead the screen shows his dead body. You can still move the camera though. When you quit and load the game back up it is fine, but it does keep occurring.

Weird fire effect

 All Platforms  

Weird fire effect, seen during Operation Thunderbarge.

It's rare, but it's possible for the fire effects from an exploded helicopter to look really weird/cool.

Weird lightning effect [resolved]

 All Platforms  

Weird lightning effect.

The lightning strikes harnessed by the DA 9.3 Lightning Gun's secondary fire storm grenade sometimes look weird. Although the strikes and the explosions last for a fraction of a second, it is possible to notice that there's a weird dark gray rectangular shape that appears for a brief instant before immediately disappearing. This seems to have been fixed by some patch.

Helicopter spawns inside a platform


JC4 glitched helicopter spawn point.png

A helicopter may spawn inside the landing platform at Prospero Astillero. If this happens it may seem fine for a while, but it'll destabilize and blow up soon.

Similar stuff has been very rarely seen at a few car parking lots, but with out a explosion.

Login failed


When starting the game, you might get the error message: "Login failed. The SQUARE ENIX servers are currently unavailable. Online features will be inaccessible until the SQUARE ENIX servers can be reached."

The options are "retry" and "go to offline mode".

The "offline mode" stops the player from seeing online features such as player high scores (you can only see your own offline).

Retrying multiple times should normally result in a successful login. This may take over ten tries. Apparently sometimes it either doesn't work, or it would take an unreasonable number of retries.

Progress wiped after a death [resolved]


If Rico dies mid way through a mission or doing whatever, the game wipes all the progress and forces the player to restart at the beginning of the game.

This seems to be fixed, possibly by the December 18th patch.

Tank tracks spin in wrong directions


When any of the tanks are made to turn sharply at a very low speed, or if a tank is made to turn around on the spot, the tracks will be spinning in the wrong directions, as if the tank was turning the other way.

2 mission markers

 PC    PS4  

The mission Mazmorra Rescue has 2 mission markers. They're only about 20 meters apart from each other and have the same text. This does not affect gameplay and the mission starts normally.

Semi-transparent duplicate object in a mission cut-scene


Notice the semi-transparent duplicate gun turret.

The ending cut-scene of the mission Sandstinger: Train Robbery has a semi-transparent duplicate of the large gun-turret.

There are 3 problems with this:

  • The duplicate turret is on an Army of Chaos train car. Story-wise it makes no sense for it to exist, because the large gun turret is suppose to be unique. It's fair to assume that the Black Hand might have more somewhere, but the Army of Chaos definitely have only 1.
  • The gun is pointing sideways to fit on, because it would otherwise be obstructed by the rest of the train. This is very poor train layout.
  • How come it's semi-transparent? This is a glitch, or a developer oversight.

Melee attack on a vehicle kills driver

Whether the vehicle is flying or not, if you go up near the driver and melee attack , it'll work on any vehicle and if the driver is a soldier it will take 2 hits. this probably happens because As it is a AOE attack, it kills the driver through the vehicle just as it kills them if bullets are used.

Parachute/Wingsuit not working

 Xbox One  

Sometimes after landing or grappling somewhere, you won't be able to use your parachute or wingsuit for a certain amount of time. You can still jump and grapple, but can't use the parachute or wingsuit. After a while, you'll be able to use them again.

Duplicates in the supply drop [resolved]

 All Platforms  

The supply drop list has some duplicate items in it. It's impossible to make the second of them active. Attempting to click on a duplicate will highlight the first one.

Patches have removed the duplicates.

Supply drop pilots reset [resolved]

 PS4    Xbox One  

It has been reported that somehow the pilots can get reset to only Fortuna and Bulldog (and sometimes just Bulldog) being available, even at chaos level 10. It's unknown how it happened.

It has also been reported that random pilots can just become locked.

Closing the game and restarting it will fix this.

Duplicate factory in supply drop menu

 Xbox One   In the list of factories in the Supply Drop menu, Prisa Automóvil is listed twice.

Missing bridge on the map


The map doesn't show one of the bridges directly east of Prospero Balística.

Controls for special vehicles are not displayed


The special controls for the crane helicopter and tractors and possibly also the other special vehicles might not be displayed, even if the HUD is still set to "display all".

90 degree jump


Rico jumps at a 90 degree angle when trying to obtain a weapon.

Offline mode doesn't work


When offline, the game will not allow you to play, as it will repeatedly show a text-box saying "Offline mode" and "Ok".

SAM sites have no collision

 PS4    Xbox One  

The top part of the SAMs in Solís might have broken, or disabled collision models, allowing Rico to clip through them (go inside it).

Under the map

 All Platforms  

There are several ways to glitch under the map, through the terrain. The waterfall behind El Abismo has multiple underwater caves. The caves are under the river, at the bottom of the waterfall. One of these caves leads out of the visible map, to an infinite sea under the map. See the video below for the exact glitched spot. Even with the video it's hard to find and likely to drown Rico multiple times.

There is no terrain here, apart from some visible wrecks under some lakes. Grappling onto these wrecks will teleport Rico under-ground.

When underground, the world is above you, glitching in and out of view. Far, far below is an endlessly deep ocean. As you go deeper, a weird black shape should appear. Lighting will get really messed up. If you go even deeper, you may see a tiny yet noticeable "horizon". It's grey and white and shining.

There's no way to get to the seabed - if there even is a seabed - of the underground ocean. Even with an invincibility mod so Rico won't drown as he swims deeper, it's impossible to find an end to the ocean. Most likely, there is a limit, and the game will crash when the player gets there. But even so, nobody has ever reported reaching the bottom of the ocean.

It is advisable to bring the weaponized "Skystriker" wingsuit to utilise its boost for travel and a railgun or the Renegade rifle to use their drones. The wingsuit itself can not boost itself out of water (like the JC3 version can), which is why the drone-deploying gun is needed. The player can then grapple the drone and thereby get into the air. With out drone, the player could swim east for about 15 to 20 minutes until the ground in close enough to the water to be grappled.

If you travel to Illapa you can see the moon easter egg and a long vertical stone tunnel on top of a giant cube. The tunnel is used in the final mission. Other points of interest include all bases that are known to have underground areas.

There is another way to go underground, but its unknown whether it works every time: by dropping a supply drop crate on Rico's head. Sometimes, he will get squished and fall through the ground.

Another way is through the use of mods (PC only). Using the entity spawner, set the gravity to -10,000 (world gravity -10000). This will make the world's gravity 10,000 times stronger (even though it's a negative). Also, make sure you turn on invincibility (event player.invulnerable). Now, fast travel to any location and free fall. When you hit the ground fall right through it and get to the underground world. Yet another way of doing this is by free falling. As you fall, "pause" the player (event player.pause). Doing this will make the player invisible and frozen. Estimate the time it takes to reach the ground from this height. Once that time is over, "unpause" the player (event player.unpause). You'll find yourself underground.

This glitch is similar to one found in Just Cause 3 and not a proper "glitch" as such. This is actually very helpful and convenient for allowing players to explore hidden areas.

Also, similar to Just Cause 3, you can get underground when a vehicle off a despawned, derailed train carriage hits the ground (happens most often in a Fellhawk Jet Fighter.)

Underground gallery

Video instructions for under ground

"Sol Velocista" is named differently

 PC   Probably all platforms.

The "Sol Velocista" is named differently from the other Dare Devils of Destruction DLC vehicles. They each have a letter at the end of the name to indicate the upgrade level. This letter is normally separated by a space, but in this case it's separated by a minus mark. This is likely a minor glitch.

Spontaneous gas station combustion

 All Platforms  

On the road between Joya Del Sol and Zambullida, there is an Espetrol gas station that will spontaneously explode for absolutely no reason. This happens when the gas station is approached by the player.

Double dumpster


The gas station between Joya Del Sol and Zambullida has a dumpster that has another dumpster within it. The double dumpster, if approached by the player, will proceed to jerk about violently for eternity. This will make a lot of noise and can be potentially lethal for civilians standing around.

DLC remains locked even after purchase [semi-resolved]


This is a common problem, discussed here.

According to a Square Enix support site, this is a problem with the PS4. Their advice is:

"Following the PlayStation®4 firmware update on 30th May, we are aware of an issue on PlayStation®4, which may cause errors when accessing DLC for some of our games. Please visit the following page on the PlayStation Support website for troubleshooting steps that should resolve these issues: https://www.playstation.com/en-gb/get-help/help-library/error-codes/ce-32809-2/ If you continue to experience issues, please do not hesitate to contact us directly."

HUD disappears

 Xbox One  

While playing the game, all text from the screen disappears. The objectives disappear from the top left corner of the screen, the ammo count in weapons disappears from the bottom of the screen, the control guide disappears from the right hand side of the screen, and the text from the AR lens disappears as well, making it impossible to locate things.

Turning the game off and on again might fix it.

There's a setting in the game menu that allows the player to turn all those things off, but this should never happen on its own.

"Demon egg (10)" doesn't work [semi-resolved]


The supply drop item "Demon Egg (10)" can not be selected with the mouse. Clicking on it will select the adjacent "Demon Egg (1)" item, which works fine.

The 2019.08.15 update moved these items to the bottom of the list, but the "Demon Egg (10)" still can not be selected.

Current solution: It can be selected if the items are navigated using arrow keys.

Floating items and crude textures

 All Platforms  

Unfortunately the game has no co-ordinates, so it's impossible to accurately report many locations.

  • Some really crude hill texture near Punto Norte (see the gallery below).
  • The racetrack texture in the Quya stadium does not match the shape of the road surface. The vehicle is constantly visible, but looking at the road from different angles reveals that the road is partly floating over a meter off the ground.
  • There's a couple of large floating rocks at one of the tunnel entrances at Zona Tres.
  • Several small towns have been seen to have floating chairs and even houses where one side of the house is in the air, allowing the player to see under it.

Supply drop container might just stay in the sky


It's possible that the container could just stay in the sky where it spawns. If the player goes up there and grapples it (or touches it by other means), the container will fall down like normal. This glitch seems to be very rare, so it's not a real problem.

Game has no sound [resolved]

 Xbox One  

If a newly installed game has no sound, go to the Xbox settings and turn on "mono audio".

Vehicles behaving erratically

 Xbox One  

Sometimes vehicles can behave erratically when they hit something, even if the hit is only minor. This glitch has been observed in the form of the Emsavion Cropduster spinning very quickly in the air and the Spearhead Transport being flung many metres into the air. An common scenario is the collision of two helicopters. This results in them suddenly bouncing apart and being thrown many meters away while spinning like crazy.

"Fatal error in the graphics driver"


All the time on certain configurations, when the game is launched, the graphics are "corrupted" and when explosions happen, the screen turns white and black and in certain areas visibility is gone. The game is also more likely to crash in this state.

Solution: As indicated by the error message in the below gallery, this is not a glitch in the game itself, but rather in the graphics driver. It is therefore advised to download and install the latest video card driver. This can be done at either the Nvidia site, or the AMD site, depending on your video card.

JC4 on Epic Store [resolved?]


JC4 was launched on the Epic Store some time in early 2020. The game was free on that store (really payed for by the store in order to get more people to become customers for the store).

Unfortuneately, many people got various random errors about the game refusing to launch and/or crashing.

This was addressed in some patch on 2020.04.20.

Weird flying man at Prospero Robótica


You may encounter a flying person at Prospero Robótica. They are standing still, next to the lower cable car station. As demonstrated in the video below, you can just knock him down from there, or grapple him down.

Defender machine gun shield doesn't collapse

 PS4   PC  

JC4 Defender MG glitch.jpg

This seems to be a rare glitch that when one uses the Defender Machine Gun, deploys the shield, and then tries to collapse it, the shield will still be deployed.

Fast Traveling to a new location fixes this, or restarting the game.

This sounds potentially very convenient, if this non-collapsed shield is actually functional. There's a chance that effect-wise the shield is collapsed, but visually it's not. So if possible, we need to find out if the shield stops bullets during this time. And if so, we need to find out how to reliably trigger this glitch.

Invincible NPC

He doesn't want to die.

Explosions have no effect.


Go to Prospero Aeroespacial in the Umina region. Then, go to the end of one of the runways suspended by the large building. There will be an Army of Chaos rebel looking at something with binoculars. This rebel seems to have infinite health, or is incapable of getting hurt. Shooting him or grappling him or even blowing him up with explosives will have no effect. Retracting any movable object with him will result in the other object moving towards him, regardless of weight. The rebel is always rooted to that spot on the runway unless you grapple kick him, which will result in him being movable.

It seems like the only way to kill him is by using the largest explosions in the game. The only two ways to kill him is by 1) using the large bomb easter egg since it has the ability to make objects despawn, effectively killing him, or 2) using large ballistic missiles, which also have the ability to make things despawn.

Prisa Chapoteo


Apparently, some people might not unlock the Prisa Chapoteo in the supply drop in the English language version of this game.

It's not known why this is, because some people do have it.

Scorched earth in the top left [semi-resolved]


Scorched ground seen at Perla del Desierto.

Rarely the top left corner of the screen, up to the limits of 1280x720 pixels, may display front-like scorched ground textures at random areas.

Turning the game off for a moment should fix this. It might even get fixed by fast travel, as that also forces the game to reload the map, but that's unconfirmed.

Crash to desktop at Cabo Marrón island


Many players report crashes happening on approach of the western island off the coast of Cabo Marrón on the Epic Games version. No error message appears during this crash, although Event Viewer will silently log an "Event 1000, Application Error" for JustCause4.exe (Exception code: 0xc0000005, Fault offset: 0x0000000004531648). This bug prevents completion of a wingsuit stunt and of 100% completion of the game.

The same reports mention that purchasing the expansion pass of Just Cause 4 prevents the issue from happening. This is not an acceptable resolution for owners of the base game.

Slow rendering when riding a missile [semi-resolved]


If the player grapples to an Agency submarine missile and rides it to a distant place, the game may have trouble loading the target area fast enough, which results in the player being able to enter normally solid structures, such as buildings. If the missile is about to crash into a building in that location, it will go right through and Rico will be stuck inside.

This is possibly because the game doesn't have enough time to render in the details, since the missile has an extremely high speed almost superior to a real modern fighter jet's top speed.

Fast Travel teleports the player out of any stuck location.

Camera can be clipped into places that should be incapable of being seen

 All Platforms  

The inside of an EM-979 Airliner can be seen due to a camera glitch while the player is in a vehicle nearby.

Driving any vehicle, it is possible to turn the camera (view angle) around the vehicle. Parking a vehicle near another vehicle can allow the player to see into other vehicles. For most vehicles there is nothing of interest, but looking into helicopters and planes reveals that they normally have detailed interiors and additional crew/passenger compartments.

This reveals that some vehicles were designed with the intention of them having the capacity to carry and deploy soldiers. See also: Vehicle seating.

Vehicles stop before entering Nueva Voz

 All Platforms  

The cars stopping for no apparent reason (something exploded causing the queue to be shorter).

For some reason, vehicles on the highway bypassing Nueva Voz stop at a little restaurant area/tunnel west of the city. The only way to fix this issue is to provoke the civilians into a panicked state where they speed off at full speed.

It is believed (no real evidence) that at some point during game development, there used to be a checkpoint of sorts on that road. This was cut from the game, but the traffic was not updated to this fact.

Game freeze when dying or going in the menu

 PC   (Epic Games)

Reportedly: "This happened to my computer I don't know if it's from it or from the game but I restarted it and nothing changed, when I die or I press Escape the game freezes and I need to press Alt F4 and then to open the game again to respawn."

The Epic Games version of the game is known to have been extremely glitchy when it was released. Most of these glitches were fixed with in a few weeks. We don't currently know what to do about problems in the Epic Games version.

SkyCastle Cargo Jet vibrating

 All Platforms  

Whenever Rico stands anywhere on the SkyCastle Cargo Jet, the entire planes seems to vibrate a small amount. The vibration isn't crazy, so it's only noticeable when Rico is on foot, as this makes the camera continuously shake a lot. Apart from making the player dizzy, it is also hard to aim and grapple. On the other hand, when he's in a vehicle, the vibration is barely even noticeable.

Animals stuck on cars (not really a problem)

 All Platforms  

The glitch.

Animals being stuck on cars are relatively common in JC3. As of JC4, this glitch is much rarer. This happens when an animal (or any NPC) somehow gets on top of a vehicle that has a stunt position. The NPC can only get off the vehicle by jumping. Same as Rico. This means that NPC types, like animals, who can not (or will not) jump are stuck on the vehicle.

This is not really a bad glitch, because it can be used to create humorous improvised stunts and other funny situations.

Combatants engaging in civilian activity (bug or a feature?)

 Xbox One   or  PS4  

BH grunt fixing car (possible glitch?).png

Rarely, a Black Hand soldier is seen doing things that civilians do. An example is this grunt fixing a car. It is reasonable that their vehicles also need maintenance.

Grenades thrown by Agency soldiers

It has been reported that the Agency operatives in Danger Rising seem to be glitched, as they have a grenade throw animation, but don't throw grenades at all when the animation is played. It seems like some developer forgot to add grenades.

Debug cursor seen in an easter egg

 Xbox One  

It was discovered in a "promotional copy" that during the "Getting Over It With Bennett Foddy" minigame easter egg it's possible to see some type of item on the screen, which is believed to be a "debug cursor". That's some type of left-over from game development that should be disabled/removed from the final game. See this video at youtube.

Spearhead Transport collision waterfall

Notice the Spearhead Transport hundreds of meters below. Also note that Rico is standing on a Weapon Crate so he won't fall into the glitched waterfall (water physics apply on the top of the waterfall).


Spawn in two Spearhead Transports (you can use the rebel drop since they only have one or two spawn points in freeroam). Position them so they face each other. Make sure the ramps are nearly touching. Then, drive one forwards into the other. This will make them glitch inside of each other. For unknown reasons, both boats will start sinking until they hit the seabed. Strangely, as the boat sinks, the water displaced does not rush back in to fill the empty space that the boat used to but no longer occupies. Instead, it will make a waterfall of sorts. Water texture on the waterfall is stretched and deformed. Collision detection is broken as well.

Click here for a video (by User:RicoStarrs).

For players without mods, this could be used to measure the depth of the surrounding ocean with out having to dive all the way and risk suffocation.

Stormalong EM Zero glitches

The Stormalong EM Zero has several glitches, likely because it's very different from all other guns in the game.

Glowing ball following Rico

 All Platforms  

There are several ways to do this. The easiest is to parachute in the air and use the primary fire to lift anything. Then, close the parachute and Rico will soon be put into semi-ragdoll. He'll automatically put away the gun. As a result, the object levitated will keep moving in one direction forever. The Stormalong will continue being used, although it doesn't seem to reduce ammunition. The result is a glowing electrical orb that should be the Stormalong's "muzzle flash" following Rico everywhere. To get rid of this ball (and stop the levitate object from flying away), equip the Stormalong and it will disappear. The levitated object will be launched away.

NPCs in cars spazzing out

 All Platforms  

Find a vehicle with an NPC in it. Then, hold down the primary fire button for a split-second. It can't be too short, but it can't be too long, either. If you time it right, the NPC(s) inside the vehicle will be clipped through it. The game's programming really doesn't like it when two objects occupy the same place at the same time and will make the two objects spazz out until they become unstuck. Most of the time, the NPC(s) will spazz out inside the vehicle and make it do flips and turns before eventually falling out of it, killed by the broken collision detection.

Flying plane cockpit

 All Platforms  

Sometimes, blowing up an EM-979 Airliner or SkyCastle Cargo Jet while it's taking off will make the plane's cockpit will spin around in an orbit-like way, weirdly flying upwards. The remaining pieces of the destroyed plane will remain still. The glowing blue circles and fire from the jet-engines stay on either side of the cockpit, where the engines would usually be. These engine glow things have no collision detection and go through everything.

Rico says the wrong lines

Likely  All Platforms  

After completing Los Demonios, traveling back to the locations where there was an 'infestation' and fighting the Black Hand can cause Rico to say unusual lines. These are the lines he would usually say while fighting the demons such as "You're not eating me" and "Disgusting" which are both weird things to be saying while fighting the Black Hand. This probably occurs because the developers didn't write the code for Rico's lines to be changed back once the mission had been completed.

Civilian vehicle speed limit still active after hijacking [semi-resolved]

Likely  All Platforms  

Find a civilian-operated car, any car will do (but a fast sports car would demonstrate this better). Hijack it with the interact button (E on PC) and as Rico opens the door and throws the guy out, immediately hold down any direction key (forwards will best demonstrate this, so W on PC). The player will soon notice that despite flooring the accelerator, the car refuses to go any faster than 30-40 kph, even if it's something like the Verdeleon Eco. This speed limit seems to be the limit of a civilian's car, which makes Soíno traffic more realistic and allows the player to easily catch up to any civilian car using the wingsuit and hijack it easier.

To escape the speed limit, bring the car to a stop and continue driving again. The car will be normal now.

SMG-2 glitch

JC4 SMG-2 glitch.jpg


If Rico picks up a SMG-2 from a weapons crate, there's a chance the weapon will appear invisible and Rico's arms will be stuck in a weird position.

This was observed at Casquillos Vacíos.

Music glitch


It's not known how or when this happens, but a player has observed the game playing combat and mission-specific soundtracks during random freeroam, with no heat.

This also seems to be the only way (in the game) to hear mission-specific soundtracks outside of the missions themselves.