This article lists some general gameplay tips for Just Cause 4.

JC4, like JC3, is so well explained on its own that there's likely no need for a large article, like the JC2 counterpart.

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Gallery of in-game tipsEdit

About 1, or 2 of these from the beginning of the game are missing, but the rest are all here. These appear in the middle of missions when introducing new game features.

Other tipsEdit

  • Settlement liberation has been removed from JC4 (except for in the Los Demonios expansion), so unlike in the previous games, there's no more need to hunt down and destroy any of the chaos objects. A few missions require the destruction of specific objects, but normal game progress can easily happen simply from completing missions and occasionally blowing up a few vehicles belonging to the Black Hand in JC4. There is no shortage of Black Hand coming after Rico, since the Heat in JC4 works differently than the previous games.
  • Red destuctable items, such as Generators in Solís, or Transformers in Solís are often quite strong. They become very easy targets if the player uses Retractor Mods (the grappler) to pull some panels off, to expose the fragile internal parts.
    • This is true for all special objects in missions too, such as various "reactors" and "turbines".
  • According to one of the loading screens: "Homebrew guided bomb: Tether fuel barrels with Air Lifters (Guided, Fragile, Explosive Hydrogen) and Auto-Boosters (Overclock Burnout Effect)."
  • Some towns have small grey trailers that sell fried fish. They contain two gas tanks. If the tanks are shot at through the vent at the end of the trailer, it makes the trailer become rocket-powered.
  • All industrial vehicles (Semi-trailer trucks, Wheel Loader, Armadillo 9M, Armadillo Forklift, Banda Conveyor, ...) are now functional with instructions on the HUD when entered.
  • See this video series on youtube for some quick examples of creative gameplay.


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