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This is a disambiguation for all the things that compose the Just Cause fictional universe.

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A few other games, or promotional materials for them, have suggested a shared fictional universe:

  • Easter Eggs in Just Cause 3:
    • A black sword (Buster Sword) from Final Fantasy 7 can be seen half way inside a mountain at N 40 48.277 - E 5 43.363.
    • A location in the mountains has some ruins and moving statues, which are an easter egg to "weeping angels" from Dr. Who.
    • (Full info at Downloadable content for Just Cause 3.) "Farming Simulator 15" is reported to have gotten a DLC that includes the Stria Rustico tractor and Rico on the tractor.
  • The game Hitman Sniper has a DLC that adds a mission that takes place in Medici. According to the trailer, the DLC adds the Final Argument gun, retractable tethers that cause items to explode once they've been pulled together, explosives, Medici Military marked Weimaraner cars (the vehicles are probably just scenery objects) and possibly more.
  • The game "Sleeping Dogs" has a radio commercial about Panau Islands as an easter egg, suggesting that Sleeping Dogs and Just Cause exist in the same universe.