Some users have had trouble with editing, so now we have an illustrated guide to editing.

Purpose and further infoEdit

If there should be a need for more tutorials, ask an admin and, if needed, more will be made.

Part 1: How to add an embedded video player?Edit

Follow the step-by-step guide and you'll be fine. Don't be afraid to mess up, that's how we learn. A more experienced user can fix things later, if needed.

Wikia page layout has been updated more recently, so the edit button is now on the right. Other minor details and icons should be the same, even if their locations differ.

Part 2: Links and wiki codeEdit

At this time this screenshot might be enough:
Illustrated guide to editing (part 2 example)

Click on the picture to see it closer/bigger.

Part 3: Discussions linked at the bottom of an articleEdit

Illustrated guide to editing (part 3 example)

Click on the picture to see it closer/bigger.

Wikia only displays 2 of the most recently used forum threads at the bottom of any article. To find another one, you have to click the small "See more discussions >" link.

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