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Sample page for vehicles
Stinger GP.png
The Stinger GP.
Vehicle in Just Cause
Type Armed patrol car.
Weapons Mounted Gun
Rarity Common.
List of owners San Esperito Military; Montano Cartel; Rioja Cartel; Black Hand.

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The [Name of a vehicle in bold text] is a vehicle in [name of the game as a link].


Describe the vehicle and say what real vehicle (if any) it might be based on.


Describe the vehicles speed; off-roading ability; ramming ability; stability at high speed (does it drift out of control in every turn?) and anything else you can think of. Remember, the "performance" part of the page is only an opinion. You don't have to hack into the game files to prove it.

Survivability/armour should be in the performance section. If it's obviously not an armoured vehicle, then there's no need for this part.

Describe how well the vehicle can stand up to hits from bullets, missiles, other explosions and crash damage (ramming).

For Just Cause 2, this section may end with a small table that contains the data from the official strategy guide. The vehicle infobox has been updated to include this info.

Versions and locations

In most articles this section is called just "Locations".

All vehicles are available in multiple colors. If a vehicle is available as only a civilian version, then there's no need for a table. Just use "bullets". The table is meant to make it easier to make sense of all the differently colored and differently armed vehicles that are used by multiple Factions. Examples: Wallys GP and URGA-9380.

Owner (Name of a faction, as a link). Color Weapons Locations (use co-ordinates for Just Cause 2 vehicles).
Guerrilla. Green. Tank gun in a turret.
San Esperito Military. Gray. Mounted Gun.
  • Name every location you know where that vehicle can be seen.
  • Even missions.
  • And sidemissions.
Green. None.
  • And circumstances under which the vehicle can be made to appear. Like Heat.
Rioja Cartel Yellow. Rocket launcher.
  • Parked at location X, behind building Z.


  • This section is for a bulleted list of relatively insignificant extra info that doesn't belong in any other section.


And remember

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Don't forget to add categories. Categories are added at the lower right corner of the screen.

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