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This article lists and explains how the Just Cause Wiki uses its many templates.

What are templates

Templates are special codes that provide a means to insert the same content over and over in different (or the same) page(s). This saves editors a lot of work and helps to ensure consistency. Templates work by having the added content on a single separate page, the template page. The template codes on articles will then automatically display the text, table, infobox and/or symbol from the template page.

Common template usage manual

Each individual template page contains a manual for its use.

Most templates are as simple as adding "{{Templatename}}" to the article, but others, like the infoboxes (see the section below) require the adding of a lot of info. If the info fields are not correctly filled, or if the template itself is misused, it will not display correctly.

All templates that need a category like that will automatically add the right category that lists all pages with the same template.

Use this article to find the template you need, or try to find it the old fashioned way by searching for it at:

  • Category:Templates, which should list all templates in the wiki, categorized into the various subcategories.
  • The Template namespace, which always has all templates in the wiki, unsorted.

Changes to some templates may take time before they appear on the pages where the template is used.

Temporary maintenance templates

These templates are used temporarily to mark an article for special attention.


Template:Delete - "{{Delete}}" - Category:Candidates for deletion

This template should always be at the top of the article, above all else. It's possible to add a specific reason to the template: "{{Delete|Demonstration reason location}}" The reason should be added every time when it's not an obvious spam page.

This is used to mark an article as a candidate for deletion. The most common reasons are that the article is some type of spam/advertising/false info that obviously has no place on the wiki.

Deleting is only carried out by Administrators, after a reasonable amount of time which gives usual editors time to make their arguments for, or against the deletion. The administrator must consider and respond to the arguments (if any). If the article is obviously off wiki topic and/or advertising, there is no need to wait for arguments and an administrator may delete it immediately.


Template:Construction - "{{Construction}}" - Category:Work in progress

This template should always be at the top of the article, above all else.

This template is used to save time and work. As defined by the template itself: "This page is under construction, or major revision. The author does not want any changes in it at this time, to avoid the inconvenience of having to sort through newer edits that may have occurred during this time."


Template:Noimage - "{{Noimage}}" - Category:Articles without Images

This is a less urgent template, which may be below the quality level template.

This template is used to mark articles that don't have a picture. This is useful to people who want to aid the wiki by finding and uploading pictures.


Template:Locked - "{{Locked}}" - Category:Temporarily locked pages

This template should always be at the top of the article, above all else.

This template is used by Administrators to mark the article as having been temporarily locked. The most common reasons for this are editing disputes and excessive vandalism.


Template:This-section-needs-work - "{{This-section-needs-work}}" - Category:Articles with faulty sections

This template should be placed directly under the section title. It's possible to add a specific reason to the template: "{{This-section-needs-work|Demonstration reason location}}"

This template is used to mark a specific article section that seems to need either a major revision, or just attention from someone with a better grasp of the english language. It should not be added to every relatively short article just because they seem short. A well worded text can say a lot in few words.


Template:Namechange - "{{Namechange}}" - Category:Candidates for name change

This template can be used by anyone on any article, or file page. Don't forget to add the suggested new name: "{{Namechange|New suggested name here}}". Only admins can rename articles and files.

Article quality level templates

Main article: Just Cause Wiki:Article quality levels.

In absence of most temporary maintenance templates, these are normally at the most top edge of the article. They show the article quality level.

Navigation tables

These are added to the bottoms of each and every article that's linked in the tables. This makes navigating the site a lot easier.

Just Cause

For areas in San Esperito: {{San Esperito}}

For weapons: {{JC1 Weapons}}

For missions: {{JC1 Missions}}

Just Cause 2

For areas in Panau: {{Panau}}, {{Berawan Besar Mountains}}, {{East Tanah Raya}}, {{Pelaut Archipelago}}, {{Panau Tengah Bay}}, {{Lautan Lama Desert}}, {{Ramai Rakyat Islands}}, {{Selatan Archipelago}}, {{Senjakala Islands}}, {{West Tanah Raya}}

For weapons: {{JC2 Weapons}}

For missions: {{JC2 Missions}}

Just Cause 3

For areas in Medici: {{Medici}}, {{Lacrima}}

For missions: {{JC3 Missions}}

For weapons: {{JC3 Weapons}}

Just Cause 4

For areas in Solís: {{Solís}}

For missions: {{JC3 Missions}} (the required info fields are the same so we're using the same infobox).

For weapons: {{JC4 Weapons}}

Main navigation board

Template:NavBoard - {{NavBoard}}

This navigation board used to be on the mainpage. It's to make editing the mainpage and updating the table easier. Feel free to use it on your userpage, if you want to. It hasn't been used anywhere important in years, so it's quite outdated.


Infoboxes are the most complex type of templates and require lots of info to be added in exactly the correct way. As with any template, there's detailed info on every template page for how to use them.

In any case, the infobox should normally be the second thing in the article, right after the article quality level template (see the section above). A small number of pages have two infoboxes, but these are exceptions.

An infobox is a type of template that adds a special standardized table to the top right corner of an article to provide standard info about the article content. For example, each vehicle article has its own type of infobox, each location page, each mission page and so on.

The following is a list of all infoboxes on this wiki:

Other article management templates


Template:Spoiler and Template:Endspoiler - {{Spoiler}} and {{Endspoiler}}

Template Spoiler is added to every mission article and any article that contains details about the game plot. When used in a mission article, it should be located the "Walkthrough" section, right after the mission introduction.

Template Endspoiler is used rarely. There's no use for it on mission articles. It's only useful in large articles where there's more non-spoiler info after the part with plot details.

Game platform tags

 PC  ,  Playstation 2  ,  PS3  ,  PS4  ,  Xbox  ,  360  ,  Xbox One  ,  All Platforms  
{{PC}}, {{PS2}}, {{PS3}}, {{PS4}}, {{Xbox}}, {{Xbox360}}, {{XboxOne}}, {{AllPlatforms}}

These are used to tag each and every game glitch at the glitches articles: Bugs and glitches disambiguation. They may also be used if a relevant glitch is described at a location article, or vehicle article. Feel free to use these where ever it makes sense to use them.


Template:Disambiguation - {{Disambiguation}}

This is used on some disambiguation pages: Category:Disambiguations.

"clr", "clrl" and "clrr"

These are invisible templates for article management.

{{clr}}, {{clrl}} and {{clrr}}

These template can be used to reduce the amount of non-wikicode used on pages, replacing the code <br style="clear:both;" />.

It's possible to use "clr" instead of the HTML tag that clears space below things like images, pictures and tables, so the following stuff doesn't begin until the bottom of the image, picture or table box. You can also use "clrl" or "clrr" to clear only left or right floats.

At this time this wiki is extensively using br/, br clear=all/ and br clear=“all”.


Template:Welcome and Template:WelcomeIP

These may be added to the talk page of every new editor, but something of the sort is already automatically added.

Portal/ Templates

These templates make up the main page and the portal pages. That's really all they are for. They're used to keep these pages from breaking due to a bad edit, as well as stop the issue of having to scroll through a massive wall of code and text to change one simple thing.

Category:Portal templates.


Template:Stdsummaries is needed for the customized list of default edit summaries. These are listed in the "(click to browse)" drop-down list when you're editing.

More general wiki templates

To be added in the future, if need be.'