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Kampung Bunga Mawar
Kampung Bunga Mawar.png
Settlement in Panau
Type Military port
Territory East Tanah Raya
Coordinates X:29960; Y:19630
Missions that take place here Siphoning Gas

Kampung Bunga Mawar is a port in Just Cause 2.


The name means "Rose Village" in Malaysian and Indonesian.

The port is of medium size, with a single large dock and the usual huge concrete structure on land. It has several hangars by the dock and a large main concrete building in the middle. Two small bunker buildings can be found near the helicopter landing pad at the eastern end. Two Miniguns guard the entrance. A black box is under water outside the dock.

This port recieves the natural gas produced by Pelantar Gas Panau Timur, an offshore gas rig just south of the port. A gas pipeline starts at the main building and continues 1.4 km further inland. The control unit is several hundred meters inland.

There's a Broadcast Tower and a Generator at the roadblock entrance at the public road.

This is the only port in East Tanah Raya.



In East Tanah Raya, just north of Pelantar Gas Panau Timur. Coordinates: See infobox.




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