Kampung Redup
Kampung Redup Village JC2.png
Settlement in Panau
Type Ancient Village
Territory Berawan Besar Mountains
Coordinates X:19495; Y:8270
Missions that take place here None

Kampung Redup is a location in Just Cause 2.


The settlement is divided into three areas: the high section, which houses the massive, palace-like buildings and looks out over the mountain; the middle section, which is at a slightly lower elevation and consists of a bunch stone houses and the low section, which has a Water Tower and more stone houses. The name means "Obfuscated Village" in Malay and "Dim Village" in Indonesian.

This is most likely one of the largest civilian settlements in the Berawan Besar Mountains.

There are lots of Red Barrels here, so stock up on some Chaos!

There are 4 Faction Items in the area:

  • 2 Drug Drops (1 at the palaces and 1 in the middle section).
  • 2 Skulls (1 north-east and 1 south-east of the town).


In the north part of the Berawan Besar Mountains, not far from the Sungai Sejuk River canyon.






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