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Karl Blaine's Residence
Karl Blaine's Residence and Saas PP12 Hogg
Settlement in Panau
Type Private Mansion
Territory Panau Tengah Bay
Coordinates X:17280; Y:14350
Missions that take place here Casino Bust and Into the Den.

Karl Blaine's Residence is a location and respawn point in Just Cause 2.


The location is your first respawn point in the game. The residence consists of a small inaccessible mansion with 2 stories: a natural backyard and a small dock down within the shore of Panau Tengah Bay. It is possible to see Panau International Airport if using a sniper rifle atop the mansion.

Items found in the location which may be of interest:

  • 2 Red Barrels which can be destroyed for a small amount of Chaos points.
  • 1 Medicine cabinet.
  • 13 off-road car tires.
  • Many different boxes with unknown content.
  • There's a destructable bottle of "Sunrise tequila" on one of the balconies.

Mission "Casino Bust"Edit

Main article: Casino Bust.

Rico Rodriguez and Maria Kane arrive with their H-62 Quapaw but cannot see any signs of Karl Blaine. Instead, they meet Jade Tan, who says that Blaine is gambling at the Panau Falls Casino. After rescuing Karl at the casino, Rico returns to the house with him.

Significant plot details end here.


Vehicle. Location. When it's there.
Two unusable wrecks of Sakura Aquila Citys. Next to the building. All the time.
Saas PP12 Hogg (Karl's car). Next to the building. After the mission Casino Bust. Disappears after the mission The White Tiger.
Snakehead T20 (speed boat). At the dock. All the time.
Pocumtuck Nomad (Agency RV). Next to the building. After the mission A Just Cause, during Mercenary Mode.


In Panau Tengah Bay, next to a small road just north of Pekan Buah Melambak and south of Pekan Teluk Tengah, at about X:17280; Y:14350.



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