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Keeping the Flow
Keeping the Flow (bomb)
Drug shipment container with a bomb.
Faction Mission
Faction Roaches
Prerequisite Stronghold Oil for Blood
Faction Influence Level 4
Required Chaos 180'000
Location From X:20160; Y:5790
To X:17540; Y:4770
Chaos 5000
Cash 10000
Weapon Parts 1
Vehicle Parts 1

Keeping the Flow is a Roaches faction mission in Just Cause 2.


Razak Razman has no problem with sniffing out smugglers using his routes, but ironically has taken offense that the government has systematically targeted his smuggling routes, harassing his shipments along the roads. The government plans on blowing up Roaches drop points. You must stop them and keep the flow of smuggled goods going.


Four bombs, four minutes. The clock does not start ticking until you arrive at the first bomb location.

Most locations have Red Barrels that can be used to your advantage. A rocket launcher works just as well.

During the firefight, most of the vehicles nearby may get blown up, or the tires shot out. After the disarming event, hop into the nearest uncrippled ride and speed down the main road to the next bomb. You'll get additional military pulling up to fight if you're not quick enough.

The mission ends once you disarm the fourth bomb.


  • This mission (along with Siphoning Gas; The Red or the Blue One? and Hell on Wheels) is one that should be done as close to the beginning of the game as possible, because hacking becomes more difficult each time the military upgrades the security level. If that's nolonger an option and you're a PC gamer, there's a Modification that can help. The "Hacking/quick time event - timer modification" increases the hacking time limit.
  • You should also try to eliminate as much Panau Military soldiers as possible, because they'll be shooting at you (and the bomb). The bomb won't blow up, but will make you restart the hacking.


  • This is the only mission that starts with the letter "K".
  • Some Makoto MZ 250s spawn at the bomb locations that don't spawn there any time else.
  • The bombs appear to be stuffed explosives with a C-4 counter on them. Just like expanded triggered explosives.


Just Cause 2 - Faction Mission - Keeping the Flow

Just Cause 2 - Faction Mission - Keeping the Flow

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