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Kem Kucing Belang Hitam
Kem Kucing Belang Hitam
There's a collectable item right behind Rico.
Settlement in Panau
Type Military base
Territory Berawan Besar Mountains
Coordinates X:21100; Y:13880.
Missions that take place here Race: Gunung Berbahaya Drop

Kem Kucing Belang Hitam is a military base in Just Cause 2.


The place is the smallest military base in Panau. It's really more like an outpost. It has only two buildings and one helicopter landing pad. A race challenge starts at the edge of the base.

Nothing is known about why the base was built here. It has less equipment than a communications outpost. The base is not even restricted at all and there are a maximum of five soldiers stationed here. The base will be completely deserted after completion. It is also the most isolated base in the mountains, being on top of a mountain, and also the only method of access to the base is by helicopter. The soldiers will only attack you if you shoot or attack them first, or if you destroy one of the sabotage destructible objects at the base. Despite the size of the base, if you do have heat and come to the base either before or after completion, the Panau Military still sends air support after you, which makes no sense at all unless they plan to unload some soldiers on the helipad that is vacant.

The name translates to "Black Striped Cat Camp" in Malay.
Kem Kucing Belang Hitam

Seen from an UH-10 Chippewa.


At the top of the Gunung Berbahaya mountain, in the Berawan Besar Mountains. It is very difficult to spot due to its size and it is situated behind the peak.


  • 1 Broadcast Tower.
  • 1 Generator.
  • 3 Resource Items:
    • 1 Armor Part.
    • 1 Cash Stash (located to the west on the peak, you actually leave the settlement boundaries, but it still counts).
    • 1 Weapon Part.


No vehicles are known to spawn here which makes this base effectively pointless for those who plan on getting a vehicle from a base.


Main article: Just Cause 2 Bugs and glitches.

 PS3    360   A possible glitch (needs confirmation) after the base is completed and you return, there may be one soldier wandering around aimlessly. He'll leave you alone if you leave him alone. Also, on PS3, there is occasionally the case of one of the soldiers wandering too far and falling down the side of the mountain. This rarely happens though.


  • This is most likely the smallest military base in Panau, being smaller than some communication outposts.
    • Due to its size, it is one of the least guarded settlements in Panau.
  • This base is very difficult to find without using its map coordinates.
  • The Map marker for the Race: "Gunung Berbahaya Drop" blocks the settlement icon as long as the settlement is still undiscovered.


Just Cause 2- settlement completion- Kem Kucing Belang Hitam

Just Cause 2- settlement completion- Kem Kucing Belang Hitam

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