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Kem Pekan Selamat
Kem Pekan Selamat.jpg
Settlement in Panau
Type Marked as military base, but most likely a power station
Territory Lautan Lama Desert
Coordinates X:7110; Y:26030.
Missions that take place here None

Kem Pekan Selamat is a settlement in Just Cause 2.


The base may have been the latest military base to be constructed in Panau, as it's still under construction. It's located directly aside from Pekan Selamat. The name means "Happy Town Camp" in Malaysian.

The base stores a lot of containers and crates and even gas tanks. Civilians can be seen working there. The area also contains a small camp and a large closed hangar. One of the pipelines at the base continues out from the area. Though it's not in use, because it is still under construction at its end in Pekan Selamat. New support beams have been added, but no more pipe sections. This scenario is unique in Panau.

Even if the construction was complete, the base would still have been very unusual.

The cranes could be a problem when doing the aircraft race "Desert Dash". The route passes very close to the cranes, so it's advised to take them out first.

The location is most likely the only place where two pipelines have their control units at the same place. This could mean that the base is an important naval station in the gas pipeline network.

The base would actually not serve as a base since there are very few buildings or not anything at all. The location is most likely a natural gas power station, as there are a lot of transformers, pipelines and industrial buildings there. Due to the large surface used to build new buildings, this power station could have a planned max effect of at least 1000 MW. This large size would be a sign of a surge in the grid.

There's a large natural ramp at the south-west corner of the base. It's possible to jump a sports car into the base from there.

The base is also one of the locations featured in the Just Cause 2 Demo.




In the Lautan Lama Desert, just west of Pekan Selamat. Coordinates: X:7110; Y:26030.


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