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Kem Sungai Sejuk
Kem Sungai Sejuk
Settlement in Panau
Type Military airport
Territory Panau Tengah Bay
Coordinates X:17140; Y:123670.
Missions that take place here The Setup

Kem Sungai Sejuk is a military airport in Just Cause 2.


It is the closest military base/airport to the Reapers HQ, in addition to being the starting point of the Faction mission "The Setup".


Its name means "Cold River Camp" in Malay. Probably referencing the river near this place.

Despite the fact that it has a runway with planes taking off, it appears as a military base on the map. The base has only one rather small runway, measuring 630m from end to end, one helicopter landing pad and one hangar, where an Si-47 Leopard spawns and takes-off via the runway. An AH-33 Topachula spawns on the elevated landing pad.
Just Cause 2 - Kem Sungai Sejuk - military base 024

At night.

As with most runways in the game, there seems to be no attention taken to hazardous objects at either end, with one side containing the end of a gas pipe and a small shack, and the other a solid concrete wall resulting in landing being difficult for some large aircraft.
The Setup at Kem Sungai Sejuk

During the mission The Setup.


The base is rather simple in layout and is very easy to complete to 100%. There's actually very few soldiers at this base, which makes it even easier. Completing the base before the mission does not prevent the mission. All military airports stop spawning pilots into the planes after 100% completion, preventing the planes from taking off, so you might want to consider leaving something like the pipeline intact.



Main article: Just Cause 2 Bugs and glitches.

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  • A soldier often mistakenly spawns inside one of the concrete buildings. It's the most eastern building in the area south of the airfield, where there's a group of concrete buildings. This glitch is known to happen at multiple different bases. The building is bullet proof from the outside, so the soldier can shoot at you, but you can not shoot at him. The only way to kill him is with any explosive weapon.