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LRD-3 Sniper
Wielded by a Black Hand sniper.
Weapon in Just Cause 4
Type Sniper rifle
Usage Two handed
Maximum ammunition carried ?
Maximum ammunition in the weapon 1
To unlock Complete Training: Intel Grab
List of owners Black Hand
Army of Chaos

The LRD-3 Sniper Rifle is a weapon in Just Cause 4.


It's one of two sniper rifles in the game, the other being the PBX Super-Sniper 4.


Secondary Fire makes the rifle home in on a target and fire a homing missile.


  • Equipped by Black Hand snipers. Army of Chaos snipers can also be found with this weapon, though this seems to be rare, if you know were they spawn then they can be found easily on guard towers and on Army of Chaos Dropzone Choppers.
  • It can be found in weapon crates in Military bases in Solís as well as some outposts.
  • Unlocked at the supply drop upon completing [Training: Intel Grab]].
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