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Lacos is a province in Just Cause 3.

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Lacos is a remarkably large province in the region Insula Fonte. The landscape of the province is quite hilly in most areas and has a valley running from Alba, a medium sized town around the middle of the province and is Medici's top wine producer to nearby Guardia Lacos I, a small military base which overlooks the sea.

A very large bridge which is destructable runs through the valley, the bridge's location is just opposite Guardia Lacos I.

To the south and south east of Lacos is the cliff side town Colle Salrosa and Guardia Lacos II, the second guard station in the region. The terrain of this area is quite rocky and has a few cliffs which provide great areas for wingsuiting.

Moving onto the north/north east of Lacos is Fortalessa, a town which has planted trees on the main road and a handful of houses, some which are tall and have large gardens and gated driveways, and others which aren't as grand.

Moving north from Fortalessa is a large lake, which may be property of Fortalessa. The military's boats may spawn in here when having a Heat level. The lake also has the pipes which head to Cima Leon: Centcom.

Lacos also has the military base Cima Leon: Silo which is located at the northern part of Lacos. Close to the Aspera province.


South west of the largest island in the Insula Fonte region of Medici.

Settlements and points of interest


Military facilities:

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