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Le Tutor
JC3 Le Tutor
Settlement in Medici
Type Military base
Region Insula Fonte
Province Sirocco Nord
Coordinates N 40 39.980
E 5 41.870
Missions that take place here None

Le Tutor is a military base in Just Cause 3.


In-game map description: "Mysterious Le Tutor stand guard atop a tiny, weathered island. The giant dish here intercepts radio signals from as far away as Libya and Croatia, ensuring Di Ravello's security by providing him with valuable insight into the political turmoil of the region."

The giant dish is considered a part of the Medici Space Program.
Le Tutor seen from above





  • Rebellion Custode 29s spawn both before and after base liberation. The former case will involve military Urga Postolkas and Custode 29s attacking them.
  • Military reinforcements will show up wielding UPM61's in Urga Szturms.
  • On rare occasions, you might be able to find a sniper carrying a CS110 Archangel. This sniper rifle is not used very commonly by snipers.
  • This is not the only military base on an island. Le Galera is another example.
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