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Lee Ho Fook
Lee Ho Fook
Character in Just Cause 2
First appearance Taking Care of the Dishes
Job Businessman
Last known status Dead

Lee Ho Fook is a character in Just Cause 2.


Before the events of Taking Care of the Dishes, Lee Ho Fook was a man who used to work for the Ular Boys, involved mainly in exporting the drugs which helped the Ulars buy their weapons and vehicles. He was a great asset to the Ulars until it was found out that Lee was working with the Panauan government as well. Sri Irawan, leader of the Ular Boys, branded Lee as a traitor and wanted him dead. Part of the Ular Boys mission Taking Care of the Dishes involves the player having to kill Lee Ho Fook.

His weapon of choice is the Submachine Gun.


Lee is very tough, as he can withstand a very large amount of damage, even more than Rico. Eventually Lee meets his death at the hands of Rico. Sri then thanks Rico for killing Lee.

"Lee Ho Fook is no ordinary man. He is one who is cut from the toughest cloth." - Sri Irawan describing him during the mission Taking Care of the Dishes.

Lee Ho Fook has a very large amount of health. So much in fact that he has more health than Rico. Despite him having more health than Rico, Lee doesn't wear any body armour. He can easily be killed by destroying his car while he's inside it.


  • His name is said very aggressively by Sri every time he's mentioned.
  • He is only seen driving once. The car he uses is the MV V880.
  • His name is likely a reference to a certain obscene phrase. Just switch the first two words around.
  • His name may be a reference to the Chinese restaurant mentioned in the first verse of Warren Zevon's "Werewolves of London".
  • He uses the same character model as a Panauan Secret Serviceman, but with a Chinese flag on his chest.
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