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Libeccio is a province in Just Cause 3.
JC3 industrial facility 1.2

View from the north of the Unnamed industrial facility at N 40 46.590 E 5 37.400. A Train in the foreground and the eDEN Airship in the distance. This place is near the north-east corner of the province.


Libeccio is a fairly spacious province with large open fields, woodlands and wildlife. Its towns are rather high class compared to the majority of the towns in Medici.

The province is named for Libeccio, one of the eight principal winds, and the one of southwest origin; hence the province's location within Insula Striate.

Nacre has a large town hall with some sort of flower garden opposite it. There is also a street bustling with shops and people.

Moving up the province, there is a lake which has Burgoletto, a thin, but high class town, to the east.

There is another lake more north of the province near the Insula Striate wall. It attracts people since there is a coast with a few sunbathers and a tourist. North of the lake is a ruin where three tourists spawn, taking a photo in front of the colosseum.

There is a large mountain in the center of this province, it is just slightly smaller than the volcano. There is a plateau that has another town called Vista Dracon.


On the far south-west coast of Insula Striate. It borders with Regno to its right side and the south coast of Libeccio offers a view of the bridges which connect Insula Striate and Insula Dracon together.

Settlements and points of interestEdit


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