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Litore Torto is a province in Just Cause 3.
Litore Torto lake with ruins

The best known part of the province.


Litore Torto is a large province in eastern Medici. It is hilly and dotted with patches of forest but largely grassland. Like all other civilian settlements north of the wall, all towns here have been burned, leaving only military bases as the remaining settlements.

This province is best known for having the probably artificial lake that contains a lot of ruins and the Squalo X7.

The eastern edge of the province is the coast, but there's no beach and no (non-Rico) way to safely get down there, because of the cliffs.


Northeast Medici, in the Insula Striate region. Bordered by Grande Pastura, Montana, Umbra, Costa Sud and the sea to the east.

Settlements and points of interestEdit


  • The name means "Flat Beach" in Latin.
  • The Squalo X7 spawns in the large lake at N 40 47.33 E 5 45.53. This is one of two locations where this boat can spawn.
  • Litore Torto is the only province in Medici that has more than one oil rig.


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