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Little Guy
Airport Troubles (Little Guys plane is nearly invulnerable)
He is never directly seen.
Character in Just Cause 2
First appearance Airport Troubles
Job Hacker
Last known status Dead or alive (player's choice)

Little Guy is a character in Just Cause 2.


Little Guy was a Korean hacker in employ of the Roaches. Razak Razman was very impressed with his services. Little Guy is probably only his nickname.

However, the Panau Military had arrested him. In order to ensure his safety, Little Guy made a deal with the government that, instead of killing him, he would be deported to Korea in exchange for codes and passwords belonging to the Roaches. Razak Razman was angered by this, but had no knowledge of his whereabouts, until one of his men stumbled into a drunk, who turned out to be the pilot assigned to take Little Guy to Korea. This would mean Little Guy would soon be at Panau International Airport.

In the mission Airport Troubles, you must kill the pilot and acquire his PDA, containing the pilot's flight log. It turns out Little Guy is already in a Cassius 192 on the tarmac, ready for flight. You must hijack his plane before he can leave. The Panau Military has Little Guy's plane heavily guarded, as they have 2 soldiers with Rocket Launchers guarding him. In addition to that, the plane is armored, being able to withstand a lot of gunfire.

After successfully entering Little Guy's plane, Rico must take Little Guy to a drop-off point in the Berawan Besar Mountains. Rico is pursued by a UH-10 Chippewa, but still manages to take off. However, Little Guy realizes where he is taken to, and insists to download the codes and passwords while in flight. Once the download is complete, Rico is told the Roaches have another Korean hacker in employ and that Little Guy is of no importance. His fate is then left to the player.

He never actually exists the plane, so presumably his character model despawns when the mission ends.

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